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Your Hearts Desire ? In the UK -It’s the Cost of Living

Hookers, kidneys & nose jobs:


New map shows most searched cost obsessions


by country    


Fixr.com's map of the world with the most-Googled things

The cost of flying a MiG fighter in Russia, buying kidneys in Iran, prostitutes in Ukraine and rhinoplasty in S. Korea are just a few of the most popular Google requests worldwide, a new map shows.
Edited time: 2 May, 2015 08:20
It does give some weird insights into the countries.

  Fixr.com, a cost-estimating website has put together a map of the  world with the most-Googled things in each country, using the autocomplete formula of


“How  much does * cost in [x country].”


  The search results turned out to be hilarious and informative,  and gave a peek into humanity’s cost obsessions per country.


“Looking at some of the most popular Google searches  throughout the World reveals some cultural differences, but also  many key similarities.


It also provides insights into the  sometimes strange things people think about when they are  alone,” says fixr.com website.


  Russians are most interested in “How much does it cost to fly  a MiG [military aircraft] in Russia?”


Iranians are eager to sell or to buy kidneys, while the South  Koreans are obsessed with their appearance and fixated on  rhinoplasty (nose plastic surgery) costs.


  The Chinese, Apple’s biggest iPhone market, desire iPhones, of  course.


On Tuesday, Apple said it sold more iPhones in China than  in the US.


  The cost of a prostitute is the most Googled demand in a range of  countries, such as in Brazil, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hong Kong,  Colombia and Latvia.


Slaves crop up in Mauritania, diamonds shine  in Sierra Leone and cocaine fires up Honduras, Chile and Taiwan –   these are some of the most Googled and weird demands in each of  these countries.


  Why Japanese people want watermelons or Armenians are obsessed  with carpets is as yet a mystery.


  Citizens of some countries Google simple ‘tradable’ things, such  as cows (India and Bangladesh) or camels (Egypt, Israel and  Afghanistan), and apparently, the most devoted McDonald’s fans  are Big Mac-loving Serbians.


  Ceremonies are another passion worldwide.


And not only weddings  (Cyprus, Greece) and honeymoons (Maldives), but funerals  (Ireland) and divorces (Trinidad and Tobago).


  Venezuelans desire “A Gallon of Gas,” while Australians  long for babies – IVF (In vitro fertilization) is one of the most  Googled searches down under.


  The results are not considered to be a scientific report as  Google autocomplete results are based on the searcher’s history,  and the time and place of search.

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