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When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
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World Cup Cake – FIFA Sucks

World Cup Cake – FIFA Sucks


FIFA Pays Referees, Referees and Linesmen Decide World Cup Matches !


Well !

Don’t be so naive.

FIFA is corrupt – Yes ?

Did you think the World Cup was about Sport ?

Sad !

It’s all about money !

The World Cup is a Commercial Stunt -Pure and Simple.

Full of hype.A Circus for the Masses

So if FIFA is Corrupt why should they not stop at deciding matches ?

OK – Lets assume it was straight ?

Could FIFA permit Nigeria to play Bosnia in the Final or even Semi- Final ?

How full would the stadium’s be ?

And FIFA’s profit depends on bums on seats as well as media fees.

So how do the Referees manage to do what their master want,

without it being too obvious.

There are some matches that are not an issue

Costa Rica v England or Bosnia v Iran,

Other’s are, like Greece v Cote d’Ivorie, etc..

So some can be straight games, others bent.

Some officials may be more bent than others.

FIFA decides who referee’s matches – Yes ?

So I am writing this before the Knockout stage.


FIFA’s “Knockout’s”

Who will give FIFA the most profit ?

Brazil and Argentina, Costa Rica or Mexico

So you can be sure at least one of these teams will make to the Final.

But you say teams get there through skill !

Yes some do, can even confound FIFA

But if you don’t believe FIFA fix matches through officials

then you have been sucked in too.

How do referees and linesmen do it ?

Psychology of course.

They intimidate,or rile the “losing” team to disorientate them.

Nothing too obvious you understand.

A free kick here, a missed foul there.

A booking here,a leniency there.

A penalty here, one denied there.

The world is full of cheats

Some are football players

The number of footballing fouls allowed to pass is a disgrace.

Some are FIFA hierarchy

Some are very well paid FIFA officials

Too well paid not to cheat ?

Come off it !

There are Brown Envelopes flying about where ever commercial profit is king

And who is King of FIFA

Seb Blatter, who wants another 5 years as “King” and will most likely get it.

Of course he’s squeaky clean –

Isn’t he ?

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