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Women- Cheap Alcohol causing increased death rate

Worrying rise in alcohol deaths in women

There will be more irritation for health ministers this morning after the Government was accused of ducking

out of minimum alcohol pricing, as researchers link the low cost of alcohol to a worrying increase in alcohol-

related deaths among young women.

The team looked at drink-related deaths in three cities – Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool – over the past

two decades and report in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health that deaths due to alcohol

among women aged 29 to 34 are continuing to rise, whereas in men the trend has reversed since the early


Lead researcher Dr Deborah Shipton, from the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, told the Telegraph: ‘I

think this has been driven by the increase in availability of alcohol. It has become a lot cheaper and as this has

happened, it has become more acceptable for women to drink to excessive levels culturally.’

‘Drinks are marketed much more at women now and drinking venues have also been marketed more at women.’

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