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George Galloway predicts ‘joyful’ Brexit as he forecasts ‘patriotic SURGE’ to define 2020

GEORGE GALLOWAY insisted Brexit will mark “a new dawn” for Britain as he predicted a “patriotic surge” will start to drive the British economy once the UK is out of the European Union.

PUBLISHED: 08:01, Thu, Jan 2, 2020 | UPDATED: 09:18, Thu, Jan 2, 2020

George Galloway claimed  is “necessary” to build the Britain many voters have long wanted, suggesting the UK’s withdrawal from the  will have Britons become more patriotic. The withdrawal deadline is currently set for January 31 and Prime Minister  is expected to usher the UK out of the bloc on time after securing the backing of MPs for his Brexit deal in December. After showing off a celebratory Brexit mug, Mr Galloway told RT UK: “I predict that Britain will Brexit joyously at the end of January.

“There’ll be a lot more mugs like this on view. A lot more flags, a lot more bunting – Britain will experience a patriotic


“The left, the Labour movement has to go with that. If you are seen as the anti-national, the anti-British, the pro-EU, the people who cannot stomach their own flag and their own nation and its culture and tradition and history, then you yourself will be history.”

The former Labour MP continued: “And I predict a surge in buy British, build British, think British – we have an opportunity.

“Brexit is necessary but not sufficient as a condition to build the kind of Britain that I and many of you want to see but we must Brexit.


George Galloway Brexit forecast latest economy UK

George Galloway predicted a (Image: GETTY•RT UK)

George Galloway Brexit economy UK forecast latest video

George Galloway insisted Brexit is a “necessary condition” to build a better Britain (Image: RT UK)

“It is necessary and we will have a better Brexit Britain if we are seen to be a part of this new dawn for Britain.”

Mr Galloway added: “If we are the people trying to drag back the people back into last year and the stasis of neither leaving nor staying in the European Union, we will be done for.”

 after the Prime Minister secured an 80-strong majority in the last general election.

The bill is expected to clear Parliament sometime in mid-January. The European Parliament is also set to vote on the WAB before the January 31 deadline. 



Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill ruled out any extension to the transition period beyond the end of 2020, meaning London and Brussels will have just 11 months to broker a free trade agreement – a type of negotiation usually requiring several years to end.

If no trade deal is agreed by the end of the transition period and no extension is agreed, the UK may still face an effective no deal Brexit when the transition ends.

Experts said the Prime Minister’s electoral triumph lifted much of the uncertainty plaguing businesses and has also given overseas investors more confidence in the UK.

Large inflows of money into stocks are a signal of rising investor confidence.

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