Civilisation has operated in two ways - To make one part of society more affluent and the other more wretched than would have been the lot of either in a natural state
There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Where Our Power to Execute Our Natural Rights is Perfect, Government has No Legitimate Jurisdiction
When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
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Why Do People Eat Meat



Because we are carnivores and we have incissors….
The Radical 
2nd July 2017
First Posted on Cowcatcher.co.uk
But some only eat meat because they have the stomach for it.
And what sort of stomach is that ?
Firstly meat is full of healthy properties
Secondly because lean meat is no more fattening that peas, beans and other pulses
Thirdly meat is part of a balanced diet 
Fourthly meat assists in the digestion process
Fifthly prepared and cooked correctly it tastes great
Sixth only Cattle & Sheep, and ruminants can eat grass, 
of which there is an abundance.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike vegetarians and vegans 
any more than I feel sorry for Jain’s, Jews and Jehovah Witnesses,
as long as they dont try to push their beliefs down my throat, thank you.
And I must stress that I include Fish in my finger licking & juicy line up.
So we now hear that Chicken and other white meat, presumably, 
has overtaken red meat as the number 1– Top of the Chops
Yes, I read the article too. ( It’s on Rightsandwrongs)
But having retired from farming and producing 40,000 kgs of red meat a year,
I want to re-educate and convert Doubting Thomas’s back to red meat.
But first I must establish what I mean by red meat as opposed to white meat.
You see I didn’t want to confuse the reader into thinking it was Red for Corbyn
 and White for May.
Even though she has been flying the white flag,
over so many U turns and decisions.
Something to do with playing chicken or being one ?
Red meat is meat that is red when raw , beef and lamb
 whereas White meat isn’t white but pale meat and includes poultry, veal and rabbit.
Pork is not unclean but can, in my book, be classed as either. 
I scratch my head with Pork Scratchings that are brown and chops
 which turn white then black when over barbequed.
Poultry and Pork are cheapest to produce (mature) and therefore to buy.
The supermarket shelves are packed with the taste- less varieties
 of conveniences for the single and sofa eaters.
But I am going a step above and want to talk to you about Beef and Lamb.
What I call the meat and two veg brigade.
Come back to the table and celebrate the best of the independent butcher.
Because you could be surprised, even if you are cooking for one.
I am going to tell you about local butchers meat.
Go for joints and have them cut up if you are cooking for one – or even two.
For Beef, choose Rolled Rib Roast, and because it comes from near the bone,
 it will taste better than “Rump”.
Usually the local butcher has this in 2-3 kilo joints
The same applies with Rolled Sirloin which comes in a slightly smaller shaped roll
 and I am asked and pay £12 per Kilo for the former today and £14.35p for the sirloin
but ask the butcher to show you what one kilo looks like £12 worth 
and then if you are on your own ask him to cut you steak like pieces 
and see how many  you get in one Kilo.
You should get 4 slices for the Rib Roast Roll and 5 slices for the Sirloin.
Depending on your pocket have one, two or more and if you want the Sunday roast 
up to 2 kilos or more for a growing and hungry family.
But lets assume its for one.
Your slice has cost you £3 for the Rolled Rib or slightly less for the Sirloin
Take it home and put the slices in the fridge to firm.
Then on to an oven tray or grill pan wrapped in foil.
Better still 2 slices, so you have one hot and one cold tomorrow or the next day
Your 250gms should be cooked very slowly at 150 or Gas Mark 2 for 40mins then look at it.
Do you want it rare / medium rare or well done ? 
Then turn it over, but please dont over cook it.
The red meat should still look reddish 
for the most tender, but if you cant stand the sight of red liquid – pour that off, 
but keep the meat basted and dont let it dry out.
Put the reddish liquid in a saucepan cook it a little then make gravy of it and that applies to 
the juices when the meat is cooked to your liking.
There will be a little fat or connective tissue to cut off the Rolled Rib Roast 
but that is to be expected with that joint cut and the little fat helps to keep the meat tender.
The sirloin is less fatty and needs some lard or fat ( butter) 
in the foil to keep the meat cooking in its juices.
The same applies to Lamb – Look for Gigot chops cut from the top of the leg 
at about £8 kgs. and if you cant find that at the local butcher ask for them.
Gigot chops have the bone in and Chump chops dont and could be a little more expensive.
Remember most lamb gets mother’s milk and only grass and gets cheaper 
as the the year gets longer.
 Best to phone up the butcher if you are looking for the cheaper end of the season when 
there is a glut on the market and that applies to beef also.
Now if  the prices quoted are beyond your means then try best red meat mince.
There are offers and offers but some supermarkets can be the best bet here 
especially if the fat % is shown.
Often you can tell by how red the mince looks, as no colouring is added by law.
Some times best Rump steak is on offer at £8 kg or so -never more than £9 
and I buy that and cut in cubes for stewing meat and stews if it is on offer.
Don’t forget to add some beef kidney and a red onion or two.
Sweat the onion in butter in a pan then add the floured beef cubes until browned off 
and then a pint of stock ( beef cube). cook very very slowly.
Add seasons vegetables and serve with rice or potatoes.
It’s almost the same with the mince but less stock and more tomato puree 
for that meat and potatoes or spag boll dish.
White meat – whole roast chicken is my favourite equalled with a nice cod or haddock fillet.
We go to Grimsby for our fish and freeze them.
Then it can be fish and chips on Friday or poached any other time.
And dont forget Trout at £1.50 each is good value as an oily fish.

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