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Who is only Dying of Cancer Painfully Slowly ?



‘Death from cancer the best’: UK doctor under fire over calls not to ‘waste’ money on tumors cure

                                                     Published time: January 01, 2015 22:06                                                                                                     




A cancer cell (Image from Wikipedia.org)

A cancer cell (Image from Wikipedia.org)

A former British Medical Journal (BMJ) editor has stated that cancer is the best form of death and it is preferable to other options, saying that attempts to cure it could potentially lead to a “more horrible” death.

“Let’s stop wasting billions trying to cure cancer,” Dr  Richard Smith wrote in a BMJ blog. He referenced other potential causes of  death to outline why he deemed cancer to be the most preferable.

“The long, slow death from dementia may be the most awful as  you are slowly erased,” he stated, adding that “death  from organ failure—respiratory, cardiac, or kidney—will have you  far too much in hospital and in the hands of doctors.”

  Dr. Smith, who is an honorary professor at the University of  Warwick, explored the benefits of being prepared for death  through the declarations of Spanish surrealist filmmaker Luis  Buñuel.

  Buñuel stated that despite “not [being] afraid of death”   he was “afraid of dying alone in a hotel room, with my bags  open and a shooting script on the night table. I must know whose  fingers will close my eyes.”

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