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Arsenal v Leicester City -What Goes Around, Comes Around for the Wily Foxes

Arsenal 2 v Leicester 1-

The Red Shirts St. Valentines Day Massacre

of Leicester City


Afterthoughts by the Radical-

Who comes from Leicester…..

See the MOTD 2 interviews after the match –


14th Feb 2016

 Danny Welbeck can also tie a Windsor Knot

Arsene Wenger and Claudio Ranieri had ties on for the interview but neither could tie the smart looking windsor knot, as Danny had done, a knot so proudly shown off by boys since time began. Certainly since I was a boy in the 1950’s.

But I digress…………….

Jamie Vardy cheats !


And Riyad Mahrez tried it on to, but looked sheepish after he was not given a penalty

Nacho Monreal sticks his foot out to cut out the ball but Vardy does not  trip over it – he jumps over it and dives to the floor.

 There is NO CONTACT between players and no obstruction.


It was not a penalty and Vardy should have been given a Yellow card  by Martin Atkinson

It’s another failure by the Referee, incorrectly changing the course of the game and clearly demonstrating the need for in match technology to replay the incident for adjudication to be made by the third referee.

However Alexis Sanchez and Oliver Giroud were fouled by Danny Simpson in the 54th minute and he deserved his Red Card.

So Leicester intend cheat their  way to the title ?

Other teams beware !

But what goes around comes around, as in this game

Having been given a penalty to take the lead Leicester played eight in defence to try and hold it.

However Arsenal played the long ball to perfection and eventually in the 70th minute Theo Walcott scored only to raise the roof at Ashburton Road

All square on the Northern Line until Danny Welbeck came on late and untied the knot in the 90 + 5th  minute and Arsenal took the lead 2-1 and deservedly the 3 points.

End to End stuff for a top of the table clash

…….But the Radical supports the Arsenal this time.

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