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Western Bombing of ISIL is a only “propaganda stunt”

Bombing ISIL to prove unproductive: Iran cmdr.

A file photo of ISIL militants

A file photo of ISIL militants
Sat Sep 27, 2014 3:6PM GMT


A senior Iranian defense official says bombing attacks against the Takfiri ISIL militants by certain Western countries is a “propaganda stunt” which will turn out to be ineffective.


Iran’s Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami on Saturday described as “suspicious” the so-called US-led international coalition formed to fight the ISIL terrorists currently wreaking havoc on Iraq and Syria.

 “The Western countries themselves equipped the ISIL against Syria and Iraq and now they want to confront it,” General Hatami said.

He added that Middle Eastern nations seek justice, but foreign governments continue to disrupt any measure for the establishment of justice and security in the region.


In a nationally televised address on September 10, US President Barack Obama said the United States will join “our friends and allies to degrade, and ultimately destroy, the terrorist group known as ISIL.”


France recently joined the United States and five Arab countries – Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Jordan – in carrying out airstrikes against the ISIL. In addition, Belgium and the Netherlands are also expected to deploy fighter jets in the coming weeks.


The ISIL controls large swathes of Syria’s northern territory. The group sent its members into neighboring Iraq in June and seized large parts of land there.

The terrorists have committed heinous crimes and threatened all communities, including Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians and Izadi Kurds, during their advances.

The terrorist group has links with Saudi intelligence, and is believed to be supported by the Israeli regime.

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