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From the alleged poisoning of the prominent politician and anti-corruption activist Alexey Navalny in Russia, to criminal investigation threats against opposition politicians in Belarus, it has been a truly trying week.

This week we also became concerned about the apparent lack of integrity and transparency in the Beirut explosion investigation in Lebanon, where constant leaking of information threatens to undermine the inquiry’s legitimacy.

Another big leak takes us to Mexico, where three former presidents and over a dozen high-level public officials have been implicated in what has become the country’s largest corruption case.

The allegations come from the leaked deposition of Emilio Lozoya – the former head of Mexico’s state-owned oil company Pemex – who was on the run in Spain until very recently.

While the authorities have not confirmed the authenticity of the leaked document, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was quick to tell the media he does not question its genuineness.

Even before the leak emerged, during Tuesday’s press conference, President showed a viral video of unknown origin that allegedly depicts public servants hollowing out plastic bags of cash. According to López Obrador, the money represents some of the bribes channelled to Mexican public officials through Pemex.

Prior to that, Transparency International Mexico had asked the authorities to ensure greater transparency and adequate openness of Lozoya’s corruption trial, as opposed to sending updates to the media through WhatsApp.

In both Lebanon and Mexico, leaking selective information distorts the work of investigations and threatens their integrity, further undermining public trust.

Instead, these high-profile inquiries need to be conducted with utmost openness and transparency.

Greater transparency and open public communication would help limit speculation and ensure trust in high-profile and complex cases.

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Solidarity with the people of Belarus

Transparency International’s Europe and Central Asia chapters stand in solidarity with the people of Belarus as they call for an end to the authoritarian rule of Lukashenko’s government in their country. 


Statement on the inquiry conducted by the Lebanese government into the Beirut explosion

Transparency International, along with the Lebanese Transparency Association, is concerned about the inquiry being conducted into the Beirut explosion by an “exceptional court”.


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Corruption is endemic in Lebanon’s political system, and the IMF can help change that

As Lebanon rebuilds, we need transparency and accountability for the loss of life and destruction, including rigorous and effective oversight of the huge sums of money for Beirut’s reconstruction – estimated at US$15 billion. 


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