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Tories have taken £1.5m in donations from polluters and climate-denialists






THE Tories have taken £1.5 million in funding from polluting industries and climate-denial funders since the general election, official data has revealed.


Figures published by the Electoral Commission and in the MPs’ register of interests show a string of donations to the party from anti-environment groups in the last three months.

Under-fire Home Secretary Priti Patel is among the Tory politicians who have benefited.

She received £21,000 from backers of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), a lobby group which works to mitigate policies against climate change.

Other gifts were given to the Conservative Party as a whole, which received £1.4m in donations from heavy-machinery firm JCB.

London City Airport also contributed to the Tories in the past three months, handing £12,500 to the 1922 Committee of backbench MPs.

In total, £1,488,478 has been given to the party since its landslide election victory in December.

Labour MP Dr Alan Whitehead said: “News that the Conservative Party is funded by fossil-fuel interests raises worrying questions about Tory sincerity on net-zero and the green economy.

“Businesses rarely hand over money for no reason. The question for the Conservative Party is: what have these companies bought?”

The Greens also hit out over the funding, saying that no major party can be trusted to tackle the climate emergency.

Sian Berry, party co-leader and London mayoral candidate, said: “Money talks, but we cannot have business as usual in this climate emergency.

“This is proof that, for all the greenwash, the Tories and Labour are not serious about tackling the climate crisis.

“Only a Green Mayor of London can be trusted to protect Londoners from business interests.”

The Conservative Party was approached for comment.

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