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b for brexit

Their ‘Europe’ is Not Ours!

b for brexit

News that Jaguar Land Rover has moved production of it’s ‘Discovery’ off roader to Slovakia shows that the programme of the EU is still very much alive and active here in Britain.


The Tory Mayor for the West Midlands has greeted the news equivocally stressing promises of new investment


It demonstrates that the livelihoods of people in the West Midlands and the UK remain threatened.


The automotive industry was once a staple part of the region’s economy.


In contrast by keeping its industry alive Germany has shown it is able to dominate Europe.


In May 2018 workers from France, Italy and Germany held a conference in Paris.


They declared that ‘This Europe is not our Europe’.


As activists for democracy within the labour movement we, like they, are internationalists committed to the interests of all workers as brothers and sisters.


The Europe the ‘Workers Conference’ wants to see is ‘open to all’, from within the EU’s borders and from outside:


‘We want a Europe of the workers and democracy without borders and restrictions, a free alliance of the free peoples and nations and the free workers throughout Europe’


The relocation of production such as JLR Discovery shows how divisions are created between people and nations by the EU ‘market’.


Concluding that this is a ‘Europe of Capital and War’ the ‘Workers Conference’ calls for a debate on the left.


We must unite and fight they say for the Europe we want



John Tyrrell, President, Socialist Labour Party

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