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There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Where Our Power to Execute Our Natural Rights is Perfect, Government has No Legitimate Jurisdiction
When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
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The Winter Weather Cometh

16 – 22 November 2015

Flower garden job checklist

It’s time to…

Take root cuttings of oriental poppies

Check stakes and ties are secure on trees and climbers

Move containers of shrubs or winter bedding to a sheltered spot when conditions turn very cold

Plant new rose bushes

Empty pots of spent annuals and compost the remains

Transplant shrubs that have outgrown their position

Lift and store dahlia tubers once their leaves are blackened by frost

Prune rambling roses after flowering

Rake autumn leaves from lawns and pick them out of borders for composting

Pile bark mulch over the crowns of hardy fuchsias to provide protection from cold

Fruit and veg job checklist

It’s time to…

Dig over empty borders and pile manure on top for the worms to pull underground

Lift and divide congested clumps of rhubarb

Cut down asparagus ferns and the tops of Jerusalem artichokes

Use cloches to protect winter peas, beans and salads

Lift and pot up chicory roots to force in the dark

Plant new fruit trees, bushes and cane fruits

Collect seeds from garlic and chives

Start pruning apples, pears and figs

Take hardwood cuttings from currants and gooseberries

Spread compost or rotted manure onto beds

Greenhouse job checklist

It’s time to…

Clear out old tomato and cucumber cordons and add to the compost heap

Move potted bulbs into the greenhouse to develop before bringing into the house

Water sparingly, aiming to keep the atmosphere as dry as possible over winter

Bring potted herbs under cover to continue cropping over winter

Ventilate the greenhouse on warm days

Line the glass with bubble polythene for insulation

Propagate perennials from root cuttings including phlox, rhus and mint

Plant bulbs in large pots of compost ready to fill any gaps in spring borders

Around the garden job checklist

It’s time to…

Wash and disinfect bird feeders and tables

Collect fallen leaves and add to a leaf bin to compost down

Spread fresh gravel or grit around alpine plants

Shred prunings and add to your compost heap

Collect and empty hoses and sprinklers to store in the shed over winter

Build log piles to provide winter hibernation sites for insects and small animals

Check tree ties and loosen any that are too tight

Wrap insulation around outdoor taps and water pipes

Order bare-rooted hedging for winter planting

Repair fences and trellis now they are becoming free of foliage

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