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The Wetherman Blowing Hot and Cold ?

UK Weather: Snow Forecast For Scotland


Wrap up warm!




19/10/2018 12:29 BST | Updated 12 hours ago

PA ARCHIVE/PA IMAGESSnow is set to fall in the Scottish Highlands 

The icy grip of winter is on its way, with snow forecast in the Scottish Highlands from the end of next week.


Cold air masses will affect the UK as we approach November.


While many areas will stay brisk and dry, there is a risk of some showers falling as snow on higher ground, though the Met Office points out this is not unusual for this time of year.


This weekend the weather will be settled in the south east, with temperatures hovering around 16-18C, and it’s due to be warm and mild in the north west too.


It will be noticeably colder on Sunday moving into Monday, dropping the mercury down to a more typical 12-14C.


Monday morning could see a ground frost and rural areas can expect freezing temperatures.

Things will slightly warm up during the week but it will be noticeably colder towards the weekend, when snow is expected to fall in Scotland.

It follows the warmest October day for seven years, with Donna Nook in Lincolnshire reaching 26.5C on the 12th.


Despite the heat, the UK endured travel misery and flooding as it was battered by torrential downpours brought by Storm Callum.


The storm was named by Met Eireann and was the third named storm of the season to hit the UK.

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