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The StokesLess Ashes

The England team’s heart was just not in it.
The Radical
5th Jan.2018
Stokes who has not been charged with anything lost his job in England
as a punishment for not being a “Gentleman and his team colleagues
felt it more than the selectors.
The selectors are a bunch of has been’s. 
Strauss left under the shadow of Pieterson, another
who had more guts than most of the selectors
 and there has been published concern’s by Ian Botham about these “Gentleman” selectors.
So it is not difficult to see why England made such a poor effort to retain the Ashes.
Added to that Stokes has been denied a place in the One Day International matches 
and those who have, will be playing for a senior place in New Zealand and beyond.
Andrew Strauss says Ian Botham ‘100% wrong’ over England selection panel
• Director of cricket defends ‘outstanding’ Mick Newell and Angus Fraser 
• Durham chairman said selectors from counties create conflict of interest 
 Andrew Strauss admitted that the England would travel to Australia 
without ‘absolute clarity on what our best XI is’
The Selectors are are at sixes and sevens, so no wonder the players are.
Cook and Ali were out of form before they left these shores.
Vince and Stoneman may not be good enough at facing the Aussie onslaught.
Others lack confidence and the Aussies are clever at undermining the team
off the field as much as the advantage they have of playing at home.
It seems that until Ian Botham and Geoffrey Boycott are elevated to selectors 
along  players elected by their colleagues the team selection will continue to be based 
on whio you are not what you can do.

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