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The Slow Train To Nowhere North

Labour Gets On Board The Rally For Rail Campaign


A MOBILE “rally for rail” campaign has hit the road calling on the government to reverse its “betrayal” over rail electrification in the north of England, the Midlands and Wales.


5th Aug 2017
Morning Star


The government pledged to introduce electrification, which would mean faster services and less damage to the environment.


Transport Secretary Chris Grayling dumped the plan in the same week the government announced £30 billion of investment in a second Crossrail project for London and south-east England.


Rail union TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes is meeting MPs in affected areas.


Mr Cortes said: “Grayling snuck this announcement out because he was trying to avoid accountability for a dreadful betrayal of the regions whose economies are contingent on better, electrified rail links.”


He has been meeting with Labour MPs this week to get them on board, with many MPs eager to extend the Rally for Rail campaign into their areas which will lose out economically because of the decision.


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