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Dominic Cummings shock: New complaint after residents claim to have spotted ‘second’ trip

DOMINIC CUMMINGS is facing renewed anger from Durham residents, who have issued complaints to the police over their investigation into the aides visit.

PUBLISHED: 00:35, Fri, Aug 7, 2020 | UPDATED: 03:09, Fri, Aug 7, 2020


Dominic Cummings’ lockdown trip criticised by Iain Dale


Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief aide admitted making trips to Durham while infected with coronavirus on March 27. But Mr Cummings has denied making a second trip to Durham on April 19, after an anonymous witness claimed to have spotted the aide in Houghall Woods. The chief aide has claimed he has evidence proving that he was not in the area in April.

Now Dave and Clare Edwards have filed an official complaint to the Independent Office for Police Conduct over Durham Police’s handling of the investigation into Mr Cummings alleged second visit.

Mr and Mrs Edwards are the first to come public over their sighting of Mr Cummings in April, with two other anonymous witnesses supporting their account.

They told the Guardian and Daily Mirror that they “100 percent certain” they saw Mr Cummings in Houghall Woods on April 19.

The couple claimed they gave statements to Durham Police on May 25 about Mr Cummings, with Mr Edwards describing the man spotted as “identical” to footage of the chief adviser.


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Coronavirus news: Durham Police receive complaint over Dominic Cummings investigation

Coronavirus news: Durham Police have received a complaint over an investigation into Dominic Cummings second Durham trip (Image: PA)

Coronavirus news: Durham Police receive complaint over Dominic Cummings investigation

Dave and Clare Edwards filed a complaint after they felt their evidence for Mr Cummings’ April 19 trip was ignored (Image: PA)

Mr Edwards said Durham Police have not taken the couple’s evidence seriously.

He said: “I’m not politically motivated, I have nothing against Cummings.

“But we think what we saw was important given the circumstances of the lockdown, and we feel that our complaint has been airbrushed.”

One of the anonymous witnesses told the Mirror they also sw Mr Cummings in Houghall Woods, and “would recognise him again”.

Coronavirus news: Durham Police receive complaint over Dominic Cummings investigation

The couple claimed they saw Mr Cummings’ in Houghhall Woods (Image: Getty)

Coronavirus news: Durham Police receive complaint over Dominic Cummings investigation

Mr Cummings’ denied making a second trip to Durham in a press conference in May (Image: PA)

Durham Constabulary stated they had insufficient evidence e to support allegation of Mr Cumming’s April trip to Durham.

In response, Mr and Mrs Edwards requested a Subject Access Request to see how the police handled their reports.

After receiving the report, the couple felt their allegations were not being taken seriously, and filed an official complaint to IOPC.

The couple said in the report it was “inconceivable” that the matter was not “followed up thoroughly” due to the “high profile nature” of the lockdown breach.

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