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Appeal court quashes 12 more convictions in Post Office IT scandal

Former post office operators were wrongly convicted of offences due to defective Horizon IT system

Former Post Office workers celebrate outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London in April after their convictions were overturned
Former Post Office workers celebrate outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London in April after their convictions were overturned. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA
PA Media


The court of appeal has cleared 12 more former post office operators who were wrongly convicted of offences because of the Post Office’s defective Horizon IT system.

In April, 39 former post office operators who were convicted and in some cases jailed for theft, fraud and false accounting had their names cleared – some after fighting for nearly 20 years.

On Monday, three senior judges overturned the convictions of a further 12 people who were convicted based on evidence from the faulty accounting system used by the Post Office from 2000.

Lord Justice Holroyde and two other judges quashed the convictions of Robert Ambrose, Hasmukh Shingadia, John Armstrong, Timothy Brentnall, Jerry Hosi, Gurdeep Singh Dhale, John Dickson, Abiodun Omotoso, Malcolm Watkins, Sami Sabet, Carina Price and Rizwan Manjra.

Their appeals were unopposed by the Post Office and the judge said the court would give full reasons in writing at a later date, but that they should be cleared as soon as possible in the circumstances.

At a hearing in March, the court heard people’s lives were “irreparably ruined” as they lost their jobs, homes and marriages after they were prosecuted by the Post Office, which knew the Fujitsu-developed system had “faults and bugs from the earliest days of its operation”.

Hundreds of people who ran post offices were convicted of various offences during the time the system was being used.

The court is also considering appeals brought by a further 18 post office operators on Monday and is likely to issue directions as to how their cases should progress.

Neil Hudgell of Hudgell Solicitors – who represented the 12 cleared on Monday as well as 33 previously cleared – said after the court decision in April: “Each and every subpostmaster walked out of the Royal Courts of Justice and down the steps with their heads held high … completely exonerated and found to be entirely innocent by the courts.

“Now we want to make sure we deliver the same outcome for every other family affected by this. The work goes on.”


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