Thousands of readers want the BBC to reverse its decision to stop giving the over 75s a free TV licence.

The universal free TV licence for over-75s has ended – with the BBC confirming they will now means-test those in that age bracket to determine their entitlement.

A third of over 75s households have still not bought a licence, three months after the changes were introduced.

We asked you if you thought the over 75s should get a free licence.

And 8,527 people (96 per cent) said they belived the licence should be free, compared with 330 people (4 per cent) that didn’t.


 Matthew Moore, Media Correspondent Thursday November 19 2020, 12.01am,
The Times 


Charities have warned that some over-75s have been overwhelmed by the paperwork from TV Licensing

More than a third of over-75s households have not bought a TV licence, three months after the subsidy was scrapped.

Figures obtained by The Times show that 2.34 million paid-for TV licences have been issued to over-75s since the BBC axed the universal concession on August 1.



The corporation previously forecast that 3.75 million over-75s households would need to fork out for a licence, indicating that 1.4 million have yet to pay up.