Civilisation has operated in two ways - To make one part of society more affluent and the other more wretched than would have been the lot of either in a natural state
There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Where Our Power to Execute Our Natural Rights is Perfect, Government has No Legitimate Jurisdiction
When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
Politics is not a Dirty Word. It is a Way of Life. How is Your Way of Life Today ?

The NHS Crisis

The problem is underfunding
and a lack of medical, nursing & technical staff expertise,
The Radical
5th Jan 2018
but also in the management structure

Says a Retired Senior Nursing Officer in Traumatic Surgery.
The Primary Health Care Service is flawed.
They call them Medical Practices so the word Care is not included
They call them Medical but they are run by a team of “clerks”
They are Practices which implies not perfect.
Some are reduced to conducting consultations by phone
That would be difficult even for a Veterinarian.
But actually they are the Sick Service of the Health Service.
And the solution lies somewhere pre 1948 Medicine and Preventative Medicine of the future.
As an A&E Nurse the problem has been one of access. 
When something goes wrong with a person’s health and Primary Health Service
cannot meet its need the patient turns to the 24 hour service at Accident & Emergency
And to the patient their problem is more of an Emergency 
than the Primary Health Service can provide.
You know without me telling you …. Call back tomorrow at 8.30am 
For a Triage Call back sometime later.
But the real world doesn’t work like that – Does it !
Trust is a wonderful thing and if the Primary Health service does not provide that either,
for more than one reason then the Service breaks down.
A patient is perfectly entitled to ask for a second opinion, a specialist opinion.
Even if it takes 2-3 months to get to see a trainee Consultant ( a Registrar) 
Though NEW patients are entitled to see the Consultant in that Speciality.
And I challenge the Administration who in brackets put (OR TEAM MEMBER) 
who can be much less than a Consultant in the field.
It is no wonder the Medical Staff bury their mistakes.
Hospitals are run by Administrations these days and there lies their flaw.
Which begs the question of still calling these places “Hospitals”
In the past the Hospital Secretary was just that.
Now they decide the who what  where and when. 
You queue at their pleasure while they sit and look at a screen when you address them
So you ask where is the Crisis in the NHS and there it is.
Back to square one.
Under Funding of and a Shortage Medical and Nursing Staff
Running the NHS on the cheap.
And the solution is not to import other Countries health workers,
 but to adapt our own system in the short term and plan and prepare for the future.
And finally let me say just this…
The politicians are to blame !
No one in the UK has ever objected to their taxes being
spent on the National Health Service,unless they want to privatise it.

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