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‘Can’t name ONE advantage of being in EU!’ Salmon tycoon claims Brexit will have NO impact

A BRITISH business owner claimed he “cannot think of one opportunity or advantage of remaining in the EU” during an interview with express.co.uk.

PUBLISHED: 15:29, Fri, Aug 24, 2018 | UPDATED: 18:13, Fri, Aug 24, 2018

 Lance Forman said: “I don’t think our business has seen any impact of the Brexit vote.

“I take a very long-term view, we have been in business for over 100 years and in most of that time, we were not in the EU.

“Yes we have been in the EU for the last 40 years but to be honest I cannot think of one opportunity or one advantage there has been for our business of being in the EU.

“We have exported all over the world, we export to Italy, we export to Switzerland, we export to the USA, to Asia, all over the world.

“We haven’t exported more to the EU since joining the EEC.

“It really hasn’t made any difference, in fact, we export much more to the USA now than we do to Europe and American customers have to pay five percent duty on our product.

“So even despite the duty, American customers are still more willing to buy our product than European customers.



We haven’t exported more to the EU since joining the EEC

Lance Forman

“I would say there has been a downside to being in the EU which is all the regulations which have kept coming our way.

“They keep changing all the time and it is very expensive and time consuming when all you want to do is focus on your business.”

Mrlong-term Forman claimed he was approached by angry Remain customers who threatened to stop purchasing his salmon because he is outspoken about Brexit.

The small business owner claimed he was happy to engage in a Brexit conversation with those who contacted him and he believes 80 percent would now vote to leave the EU.

Brexit news

Brexit news: Lance Forman is unable to name one advantage of EU membership (Image: Express)

Mr Forman said: “I have long-term to a lot of my Leave friends, and these are friends who run businesses, I said to them ‘I have been asked to do an interview, would you like to do it this time?’

“Everybody shies away from it because the country is pretty split so you are going to be offending pretty much half of your customer base.

“I considered that very seriously, should I be vocal and I felt that it was really important to be vocal because I think people need to hear from small business people.

“During the referendum campaign, I must have received 30 to 40 emails or communications from either customers or people who said they were customers.


“They were saying ‘we are disappointed Mr Forman, we are never going to buy your smoked salmon ever again’.

“I made a point of contacting every single one of those customers either by phone or email and tried to have a conversation with them and I got through to most.

“By the end of the conversations I reckon that 80 percent of them would have voted to Leave because there is this assumption, especially in the media that people who voted Leave are anti-immigration and not very bright and so on.

“I think when you have a rational discussion and you explain to people the reasons as to why you are in favour of Brexit and certainly when I have done it and met people they understand it.

“That is why doing this is so important because you can get across a proper message with a bit of depth, when you just have a soundbite these are very nuanced arguments it is very hard to get it across.”

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