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The Carnivores are making a Pig of Themselves ?


The reason why Jeremy Corbyn became a vegetarian

Posted 15 hours ago by Matthew Champion in people


This week Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced his shadow cabinet, appointing Kerry McCarthy in charge of farming and agriculture policy.


The Bristol East MP, patron of the Vegan Society, is thought to be the first-ever shadow secretary for environment, food and rural affairs who is vegan.


Upon her appointment, McCarthy, also understood to be the first vegan MP, said: “My personal views are my personal views but in terms of Labour Party policy, promoting animal welfare is something we have always done and promoting sustainable farming.


“I’m personally happy working with farmers.”


Corbyn himself is a vegetarian and has been for almost 50 years.


“I became one at 20 when I was working in a pig farm,” he has previously said.


“I got attached to the pigs.”

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