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The Busman’s Holiday ?

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

to begin tour of Scottish seats


Jeremy CorbynImage copyrightREUTERSImage captionJeremy Corbyn spoke at rallies in Scotland prior to June’s snap general election, such as this one in Glasgow


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to begin a tour of Scottish constituencies with a visit to the Western Isles.


Mr Corbyn will meet staff at Harris Tweed Hebrides before addressing a town hall rally in Stornoway, highlighting his party’s policies for rural areas.


He will then tour a series of marginal seats in Scotland over the next five days, attending speeches and rallies.


The Tories say his policies lack credibility, while the SNP say Scottish ministers already pursue equality.


Labour gained six seats north of the border in June’s snap election, having lost 40 in the previous poll in 2015.


However, they were less than 100 votes behind the SNP in two Glasgow seats, and less than 1,000 votes behind in six Scottish seats in total.


With the election result stripping Theresa May’s Conservatives of their majority in government, Mr Corbyn has pledged to remain on an election footing. His party has identified up to 18 Scottish seats as potential targets.


The Labour leader is to use his visit to the Western Isles to highlight Labour plans to “rural-proof” policies in government, so that all laws are assessed on their impact on rural communities.

‘Taken for granted’


Mr Corbyn said: “Rural communities have been taken for granted for too long. There has been chronic underinvestment in transport, broadband and public services, with rural infrastructure and industry neglected.


“Labour will invest in transport, broadband, public services, housing and environmental and coastal protections – vital for the economy and the rural way of life.”


The SNP has a lead of just over 1,000 votes in the local constituency of Na’h-Eileanan an Iar, where Angus MacNeil held his seat in June’s election by a majority of 6.8%, over a Labour challenger.


They say Labour should be campaigning against the Conservatives rather than themselves, a position the party describes as “odd given the majority of Corbyn’s policies are already being delivered by a progressive Scottish government”.


They also contend that Labour “backs an extreme Tory Brexit and policies like Trident renewal, against Scotland’s national interests”.


The Scottish Conservatives, meanwhile, said it wasn’t long ago that Scottish Labour “dreaded the thought of Jeremy Corbyn coming north”.


MSP Miles Briggs added: “Had he won the general election, Corbyn would have sold Scotland out in a heartbeat, and that ambivalence to Scotland’s place in the UK hasn’t changed.”


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