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Social media users expose BBC disinformation on Garmdarreh ‘explosion’

Sunday, 19 July 2020 3:46 PM  [ Last Update: Sunday, 19 July 2020 4:05 PM ]

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The BBC has misrepresented an ordinary fire as an ‘explosion’ in order to create the impression of insecurity in Iran

As part of the ongoing psychological warfare campaign against Iran, the Farsi language section of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has tried to misrepresent a bush fire as an explosion and by implication an act of sabotage by the country’s enemies.

Earlier today BBC Farsi ran a story claiming that it has access to satellite photos which shows a “burnt-out” area measuring 22 thousand square meters, or the size of three football fields.

The BBC claims the photo depicts the burnt-out area in the Garmdarreh rural area to the West of the capital Tehran on July 14, a full four days after an “explosion” was allegedly heard in the area.

The area of the alleged ‘blast’ , as claimed by the BBC, four days after rumors of an explosion in the area

Local authorities have strenuously denied reports or rumors of an explosion in the area.

But on closer analysis, BBC Farsi’s insistence on an explosion is inconsistent with the pertinent facts on at least two counts.

According to Twitter user Jonas Blane (@SnakeDocTop) satellite photos of the same area referred to by the BBC shows no sign of burning or explosion a full eight hours after rumors of an explosion in the Garmdarreh area.

This satellite imagery shows the same area depicted by the BBC a full 8 hours after the alleged ‘blast’

BBC Farsi instead relies on photos which by its own admission depict a charred area a full four days after rumors first emerged of an explosion in the Garmdarreh area.

Furthermore, as pointed out by other Twitter users, if indeed there had been a massive explosion in the area (as claimed by the BBC) and it had burnt an area the size of three football fields, then why are adjacent or nearby structures left fully intact?

This satellite photo shows a charred area with nearby buildings intact

On closer inspection the charred area depicted by the BBC is more consistent with a bush fire than an explosion.

Satellite imagery of the same area five days apart – before and after bush fire – clearly shows that nearby structures are completely unaffected

In recent days various media outlets – both official and otherwise – have tried to create the impression that Iran is being subjected to multiple sabotage operations by its enemies, notably Israel and the United States.

In reality these relatively minor incidents have been the result of accidents or in the case of the Garmdarreh “explosion” an ordinary bush fire.

These reports by foreign media are designed to sow confusion and by extension to sabotage the morale of the Iranian people. Judging by its latest report the BBC appears to have lent its support to this psychological warfare operation

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