Out of work cricket commentator Geoffrey Boycott has fired a broadside at female callers of the game saying they shouldn’t be commentating the men’s game.

Boycott’s contract with the BBC wasn’t renewed after 14 years as an experts commentator for the Test Match Special coverage.

In a Daily Telegraph column, the former England test batsman said people who didn’t play at international level, including women, can’t do the same job in the commentary box as former greats.

“Many people do not understand there are two types of commentators. There is the one that sets the scene and calls the ball-by-ball play and there is another who gives expert opinion and analysis,” he said.


“You do not have to have played top cricket to be a great ball-by-ball commentator…But to provide expert analysis you need to have experienced the heat of Test cricket and understand what it takes to succeed,” he added.

Boycott cites Gabby Logan, Alison Mitchell and Clare Balding as females who he says are excellent at fronting as presenters and reporting but says they shouldn’t be providing expert analysis.

Former England international Isa Guha, who played 113 matches for her country, is the new face of the BBC’s cricket coverage though according to Boycott’s views, there wouldn’t be room for her to sit in the box as the ‘experts’ comments person.

“You have to know the pressure, emotions and technique required and I do not believe you can learn that from reading a book or because you played club cricket, second XI cricket or, with great respect, women’s cricket. As good as the women are at their game, it bears no resemblance to the power and pace of men’s cricket.”