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When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
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Dear Friend ,

We’ve been talking to NHS campaigners – Keep Our NHS Public and Health Campaigns Together – to get to the bottom of the government’s latest plans, and we’re horrified by what we’ve heard.

The government wants to carve up the BIGGEST CHUNKS YET of your NHS and open them up to privatisers like Richard Branson.

I won’t let this happen – sign the petition now
Unaccountable, non-NHS organisations could be given contracts to run NHS services for half a million people, across a whole geographical area, for 10-15 years.
This means, for example, if you need a hip replacement and Branson doesn’t want to provide it, you won’t get one. It’s not clear how you can hold him to account or whether he’ll have any legal obligations to patients. Plus, you’re stuck for 10-15 years.
The government has already been forced to rebrand these absurd plans – and forced to consult the public. Let’s stop them altogether.
Stop these absurd plans- sign the petition
The needs of patients like you and your friends and family should determine what services our NHS provides. Not private companies angling for a profit.
Right now 195 local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are in charge of meeting your needs as an NHS patient.
They’re not perfect by any means. CCGs are under huge pressure from cost cutting by the government. Services like hip replacements, fertility treatments and cataract surgery are already being restricted – leading to a postcode lottery for patients.
Nevertheless, campaigners have won victories by holding CCGs to account. For example, NHS campaigners in Sheffield have saved vital services from being closed and in Worcestershire, plans to restrict access to hearing aids were dropped after input from patients and the community. 
You can win victories when the NHS is accountable. But what about when your local doctor and hospital answer to privatisers like Richard Branson?
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The new ‘ICP’ contracts would mean that CCGs handing over responsibility for patient care to organisations which are not part of the NHS.

The ICP organisation would not be subject to public scrutiny. It’s not clear how you would hold them to account when they can hide behind commercial confidentiality.
The new contracts might go to private providers like Virgin, Capita, Serco or United Health (an American company) or they might go to new public-private partnerships like Viapath (a jointly owned company created by NHS trusts and Serco to deliver outsourced pathology services).

I don’t want Branson to be my doctor’s new boss
Even worse, these contracts would last for 10-15 years. So your area would be locked in, long term, to an agreement with an organisation that you can’t hold to account.
Your services might be cut, and you’d have no power to stop it. Plus, it would be harder to reinstate our NHS as a national service in public hands, in the future.

This reorganisation would put outsourcing and fragmentation at the very heart of our NHS, opening the door to more privatisation.
These plans are being rebranded again and again because they’re so unacceptable. If we all respond with a HUGE petition, we could stop these plans from going ahead.

Sign the petition
With love for our NHS

Cat, Ellen, Biba and the We Own It team

PS – NHS campaigners have been working hard to force the government to consult on these plans. Now they need YOU.

The deadline is next Friday 26th October. Sign the petition now to make your voice heard.

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