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Sales boost as takeaways reopen

Red meat, potato and dairy sales have received a boost from the reopening of takeaways as Brits return to their pre-shutdown eating habits


Sales boost as takeaways reopen

After a fall in sales at the start of lockdown due to fewer collections and the closure of drive-thrus, the takeaway market has returned to growth for the first time in four months, up 2 per cent compared to March.

And according to Kantar, takeaway orders even exceeded the pre-Covid high during the first two weeks of July, with consumers generally returning to their pre-lockdown eating habits.


While this has been largely driven by collections and drive-thru orders, Britain’s delivery orders were now more than double the four weeks to March 22.

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AHDB highlighted the role of the reopening of large chains such as McDonalds, Greggs and KFC accounting for 58 per cent of orders prior to lockdown.

AHDB Retail Insight Manager Rebecca Gladman said the closure of the big name fast food brands had hit the potato and beef sectors hard. Lamb and cheese were the only sectors to benefit but have also benefited from the increase in sales.

Lamb and dairy

According to AHDB estimates, lamb volumes were up 89 per cent in the 20 weeks to July 12, with kebabs being key to growth. Pizza has accounted for most of the growth in cheese volumes which were up 83 per cent during the 20-week period.

Pork has returned to year-on-year growth, with increases coming from a variety of sources such as Chinese takeaways and ham and pepperoni pizza. And a nine per cent growth in beef volumes has been helped by burger sales, with AHDB estimating Big Macs alone accounted for 24 per cent of growth during the 20 weeks.

Despite fish and chip shops having a bigger share of the market under lockdown, potato volumes fell due to the absence of big brands. However, June and July have delivered a better performance for the potatoes sector, but not enough to offset those early losses.

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