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Survey results: Your verdict on vaccine passports

  • Lockdown Community – Your opinion matters



    Thank you for sharing your views in our recent vaccine passport survey.

    Thu, 29 Apr at 19:03

    Just under half of the Lockdown Community (44%) who responded thought vaccine passports were a good idea and a positive step forward but a high proportion (35%) cautioned that it needs to be thought about carefully. Only 19% said it would be oppressive.

    The overwhelming majority of the over 6,000 people who took part in the survey said Covid passports should be used for those coming into the country and those travelling should have Covid certification according to the results with 86% and 83% respectively.

    But the majority also said vaccine passports should not be used for entry into shops (66%) and restaurants (51%), with 50% saying they should not be needed for entry to pubs, 36% saying they should be and 13% said they did not know.

    For their use in other settings:

    • 57% said they should be considered for attendance at sports events
    • 71% said they should be considered for healthcare workers
    • 38% said they should be considered for retail jobs
    • 43% said any employer should be able to consider them, 45% said they should not

    When we asked what factors worried you about the introduction of Covid passports, the issue of most concern was that they would be open to forgery (51%) or that people would be excluded (42%) – but in general respondents were only ‘a bit’ or ‘not at all worried’ on the following.

    • They are ID cards by stealth (74% not at all or only a bit worried)
    • Vaccines should be a personal choice (68% not at all or only a bit worried)
    • It is creeping authorianitism (72% not at all or only a bit worried)

    Most people do not want to spend money on tests to be able to holiday abroad, with 64% saying they’d stay in the UK. There were 28% of respondents prepared to pay up to £50 per person, 5% up to £100 and 2% whatever it takes.

     A huge majority (78%) said they wouldn’t go on holiday if it meant they had to quarantine when they got home, with just 22% willing to make the sacrifice.

    Thank you for being part of our lockdown community – we’ll be back in touch soon.

    The Lockdown Community team


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