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“Supermarkets” are Convenient Stores for Making More Profit


The Radical

28th March 2016



Global food security is close to home.


Take the Easter egg.


The salt may have come from China; palm oil from south east Asia; whey from New Zealand; sugar from the Caribbean; cocoa from South America, on and on.


Britain imports food from more than 180 countries.

From a Guardian Article
27th March 2016

Last year, the National Farmers’ Union warned that more than half of the UK’s food will come from overseas within a generation, leaving us vulnerable to volatile prices and potential shortages.


It called for new investment in British farming and a national plan to ensure a higher degree of food self-sufficiency.

Last month, a conference called, Our Food Future 2016 considered how to bring about a radical rethink on how we “produce meat, utilise water, sow land and grow crops in places where previously there was no sustainable life”.

A survey revealed that the public like cheapness but we also want to limit the detrimental effect the food chain has on public health and the environment.


We want more government intervention to control the market domestically but we are yet to restrict our appetites for non-seasonal food and the perfectly shaped pear.

We consumers need not be passive.


We have clout.


A happy ending would be a global decent secure diet for all.


As customers, shopping basket in hand – and if we can afford to do so – a slogan of Stop, Think, Choose is at least somewhere to begin







28th March 2016



The Supermarkets have taken over the Market and demonstrate Capitalisms major flaw. Capitalism claims to create Competition, but it does the opposite and the Supermarkets are the example.

For a market to exist there must be BUYERS AS WELL AS SELLERS but the Supermarkets buy out the competition until the producers find they are SELLERS IN A MARKET OF ONE BUYER



The Government in power supports the supermarkets.


Public Health Inspections are relaxed, Cooperatives are destroyed and Planning Permissions are relaxed all in the favour of the Supermarket over the small independent retailer or processor.

For example, I have seen Welsh Lambs go into a Scottish Abbatoir and come out as Scotch Lamb, which says all you need to know about the value of Supermarket labelling and promotion of one product over another.

African Beef carcases imported into the EU, shipped to Britain to be “processed” and packed as British or Meat from the EU. The same applies to Vegetables and Fruit

20 years ago 20% of all red meat entering Britain was inspected by the Public Health Dept but now only 20% of a consignment is inspected. A consignment may be 100’s of tons of meat in several containers. See how the Government allow a weakening of our food protection .

And if you haven’t already guessed, Its all about MAKING MORE PROFIT.

Contributions to the Tories for relaxation of the rules protecting customers, means the bright lights, full shelves & special offers in the supermarkets is a front for greater deception.


You have noticed those subtle price increases everytime you shop ?


Take pricing tickets in Supermarkets, if there is a price ticket at all, shows the important information in such small print that most ignore it.

The price per Kg or 100grams always tells you more than the “promoted price”.


British farming is producing your food at a loss.( Farmers only Profit when they sell up)( See THIS FARMING LIFE BBC 7pm )


In 1990 a 250 acre farm would support a family farm, provided the land was cultivable.



In 2010 a farmer would need AT LEAST 50% more land to to support that family, and at the cost of land and living he would not only be running to stand still but going backwards.

As only 2% of farmland in Scotland is cultivable grade 3 land or better, the majority being mountainous and moorland, and on top of that the weather often precludes the growing of cereal crops, one can see why we import over half our food now and that is UNSAFE.

On the west coast of Scotland, Oats were commonly grown, but not any more, due to climate change.


And so it goes on. The other 98 % of land grows only “grasses” for ruminants, while we support vegetarian opposition Leaders and Vegan opposition Ministers trying to win back Scotland for Labour.


Confusing for “Our Food Future 2016” advocates ?


Asda are selling “BRITISH” or is that Packed in Britain- Carrots,Leeks, Parsnip and Potatoes at 29p a bag but do you know how much weight is in the bag ? One Kg or Half a Kilo.


Let me tell you that the farmer can’t produce the food at that price, so they are LOSS LEADERS.( I have only just planted my early potatoes ).

Please read the full label –

Yes, we import food from 180 Countries, but EU tariffs apply to most and because we are “IN” the Common Market,European Countries can dump their unwanted food mountains on Britain without restriction and that must stop.

We must not only protect our borders from human undesirables but from food imports that are harming our industries.

And if the Food industry is not our most important, what is ?

Most of Your Food is produced on farms, so to protect farming we need British Agricultural Policies for Britain, and to protect consumers we need a Minister for Food & (Fisheries) not just a Dept of the Environment and Rural Affairs.


Farming and Food is More than a Rural Affair.

Protect our food producing land from the speculators – by introducing a Land Tax, protect our food producers markets and livelihoods, Dairy Farmers especially who produce milk  12 hours a day 7 days a week and stop conning the consummers by Supermarkets.

Brexit Britain !

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