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Finally! It took time but Boris has reached the right solution on Brexit says NIGEL FARAGE

The ultimatum was delivered by Boris Johnson a few days ago; if there was no agreement by the mid-October Brussels summit, we would walk away from talks. In his speech, the Prime Minister said we must leave with an Australian-style deal, by which he means WTO terms (or No Deal as some would have it). But crucially, we have not left the room.

PUBLISHED: 06:42, Sat, Oct 17, 2020 | UPDATED: 10:14, Sat, Oct 17, 2020


Brexit: Farage says there may be ‘more battles to be fought’


We are just waiting for the EU to come back to us. Well, we won’t have to wait long as Michel Barnier will be on the Eurostar to London next week for a further round of intensive negotiations.  

At the heart of the problem is the Prime Minister’s insistence that Britain seeks a Canada-style free trade deal. He says this is what we wanted all along.


Sadly, this is not the case as the oven-ready deal (so widely applauded at the time) was in fact an EU treaty which delighted Monsieur Barnier and his gang in Brussels.


A Canada deal and Mr Johnson’s withdrawal agreement are incompatible with each other in every way.  

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage is pleased with the Prime Minister’s change of direction (Image: Getty)

That said, I am pleased that the Prime Minister changed direction, something that he flagged in the days before the general election, and I was pleased about what he had to say before this week’s summit.

But we have been here before many times, when tough words from both sides of this negotiation lead in the end to a compromise.

I still believe that the most likely outcome will be a deal based on the withdrawal agreement with both sides claiming victory and insisting that their red lines have been maintained.

For that to happen, the French will have to give a little on fishing and we will have to promise to keep broadly but not directly aligned to EU state aid rules.  

Boris Johnson

Nigel Farage believes the PM’s withdrawal agreement and a Canada deal are incompatible (Image: Getty)

Despite the events of this summit, I would still put the outcome of a negotiated deal based on the EU treaty at a 75% probability.

However, it is possible that Monsieur Macron decides not to give a millimetre and we do indeed leave without a trade deal. As we speak, a vast lorry park in Ashford is being constructed and is now known as the Farage Garage by Remainers.

Whatever short term disruption a clean-break may cause, it will be nothing as compared to the impact on the British economy of our current regional lockdowns designed to contain coronavirus. In the longer term, being completely free of the EU is our route to future prosperity and will be the best outcome.  

If, as I suspect, we do a deal on the basis of a new EU treaty, there are issues that will come back to haunt is in the years ahead. Come on Boris, let’s have that clean break Brexit.

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