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Songkran Road to Hell – 338 Deaths & 2724 Injured -So Far

Bangkok still holds Songkran death record


The Nation

April 16, 2016 1:00 pm

Bangkok saw the most road fatalities at 15, while Chiang Mai had the most injured people, at 144, in the first five days of the so-called “seven dangerous days” of the Songkran Festival.

According to the the Road Safety Directing Centre, during April 11-15, 338 deaths were reported while the number of the injured reached 2,891, in 2,724 road accidents.


On April 15 alone, 79 people lost their lives.


Drunk driving and speeding were the main causes, contributing to 64 per cent of the accidents.


All but eight provinces – Trat, Pattani, Phattalung, Phrae, Yala, Ranong, Samut Sakhon and Nongbua Lamphoo -reported fatal accidents.


Songkran revellers are returning to Bangkok today and tomorrow, possibly leading to more accidents and casualties.


The Interior Ministry has dispatched special teams to provinces which recorded high accident rates, to find in-depth risk factors.


These will be incorporated in road safety strategies in the following years.

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