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Solid Support For Strike Action

Lincoln university staff to strike over pay row

University of Lincoln staff will strike on Wednesday and Thursday.

Staff at the University of Lincoln will go on strike as part of a row over a pay.


The University of Lincoln branch of The University and College Union will be picketing at the main entrances to the University of Lincoln’s Brayford Campus on Wednesday, May 25 to Thursday, May 26 2016 when the strikes take place.


By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: May 24, 2016


The UCU has also called on Lincoln branch members to commit to ‘contract only’ working hours and begin preparations for a marking boycott during the autumn term.


Sally Hunt, UCU general secretary, said: “It is clear that without disruptive industrial action, sustained for as long as it takes, there will be little movement from the employers on either the final pay offer of 1.1 per cent or on two other substantive issues: the gender pay gap in universities and the routine use of casual contracts.”


‘The comprehensive survey by Times Higher Education magazine shows a latest annual increase in pay and benefits (excluding pensions) of 6.1 per cent for university leaders.


“One in five universities gave their leaders a rise of 10 per cent or more.

“The Times Higher Education compares that to an average increase of 1.3 per cent for staff over the same period.


“Yet while university leaders have received pay increases many times higher than inflation, the final pay offer to staff of 1.1 per cent is described by the employers as the “very best offer” possible.


“This simply cannot stand.”


At a recent ballot, sixty-five per cent of members voted for strike action and seventy-seven of members voted for action short of a strike.


In response, the Union’s Higher Education Committee (HEC) has agreed a comprehensive programme of industrial action.


UCU members will be ‘working to contract’, in this case, not working longer than 37 hours a week every week until further notice and, following this, a series of one-day strikes.


A University of Lincoln spokesperson said: “The industrial action planned for Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th May is part of national industrial action in relation to the sector pay offer.


“Negotiations over this offer are handled on a national level by the Universities & Colleges Employers Association (UCEA). On a local level here at the University of Lincoln, we will strive to minimise any disruption to students.”


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