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There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
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When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
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Smile and Say Cheese

Cheese & Wine this Festive Season ?-
The Radical- 11th Dec 2016
Think Brexit Cheeses as they come Hard and Soft
Be it from the North or South of Brexit Land
But which wine to have with your cheese board and water biscuits ?
And true to form this website does not promote any brand 
So by design you decide which comes first.
The Cheese or the Wine ?
Why the cheese of course
So select the cheese you prefer first and fit the wine to it.
Fresh Cheeses ? – Curd cheese or Cottage cheese – Crowdie from Scotland or Quark &  Ricotta all made in the UK.
Soft Cheeses ? – Brie of course – Feta -Greek style
Semi & Hard Cheese ?- Mature Cheddar block, Double Gloucester,Lancashire, Wensleydale, Leicester,& Caerphilly
Blue Veined Cheese ? – Blue Stilton, Blue Cheshire, Blue Vinney,and Sheep cheese Roquefort 
A Cheesy word to finish – Look for natural,plain unwrapped and unadulterated cheese without herbs or additives.
Taste the real thing and keep it wrapped in the fridge separately.
Now the wine – Cheese and Wine – It has a sense of harmony and togetherness.
Take the cheese on its own without butter or with a plain water biscuit,because the taste of the cheese and the combination of following it with a wine make the simplest of meals a treat.
The more mature the cheese the stronger the wine – Red or white Strong dry or  Strong sweet which ever is your preference.
For Mellow or Semi hard cheeses – Go for medium bodied wines Light reds,or rose
For Soft cheeses – Preference is for a Light white wine 
If your preference is for Dry wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Stronger Reds like Merlot, as is mine, such wines give cheese its perfect accompaniment and dryer or sweeter reds and white try mixing them 50/50 if you need the best of both worlds and want to keep your purchases simple.
If I haven’t mentioned your favourite cheese let me briefly add that there is a long tradition of cheeses from Britain
South & South West – Cheddar, Gloucester, Brie & Curd cheeses from Friesian and Channel Island milk
The Heart of England -Midlands and East Anglia & Wales – Leicester, Derbyshire, Stilton, Caerphilly and the now extinct Wymeswold*
North of England- White Lancashire, Wensleydale Cheshire
Scotland – Caboc, Crowdie, Bonchester, Dunsyre Blue and Dunlop from Ayshire Milk
A note about Sheep and Goat milk cheese – Rich Mild, Sharp and Moist – a different taste for your buds. 
Finally – If you bought to much and too many cheeses for the festive season can you freeze them ?
Yes except full fat, fresh or cream cheese.
 For Semi hard and hard cheeses – thaw them out slowly and if you need your cheese grated,do it before freezing. 
And don’t forget to label each cheese then packing in foil and storing in a labelled freezer box. 
If you want to make your own cheese and need recipe advice -get in touch.
Try – Buttermilk Cheese,Lemon Curd Cheese, Yoghurt Cheese,Cream Cheese, Curd Cheeses, and Whey cheeses
* Wymeswold came and went and I’ll bet they couldn’t compete with the soft blue French cheeses that are found in Supermarkets at marked down prices compared to English soft cheeses. You can bet your bottom Euro that there is dumping involved here and the undercutting of price is due to the French et all getting around the EU regulations while Brits adhere to them to the letter. Buy British and bring back more soft blue English cheeses.

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