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Sketchley Grange Hotel and Homecoming- Plus Alternative Stays

The Roaming Radical- Sunday Update
15th Oct 2018
Early to Rise at 6am on the Sunday after the unwelcome news earlier
from the Wetherman that the forecast was “Heavy rain 90%” all morning 
at Leicester Doncaster and Durham.
So there was only one course of action for the homeward journey.
Make an early start to miss the traffic, the road works and queue at breakfast.
However we need not have worried about the last concern

because at Sketchley breakfast is not served until 8am on Saturday or Sunday.

So it definitely is not catering for those wanting to make an early start.
It was the last straw to what should have been a Grand Tour.
So we packed loaded up the Yeti and set off before 7am to empty roads,

heavy spray and sheeting rain.

I will bore you no more, except to say that by the time we reached Wetherby, 110

miles via the M1, M18.A1 and A1 M, the rain had almost abated, and had been

nothing like that which the forecasters had warned of.

Good news for us bad for the BBC with grinning Attenborough making sure you

are logged in and passworded before you get to the wethermen and women’s

predictions, which are so often wrong.

However missing breakfast of cold bacon, stuck to the next piece, solid cold

fried eggs and food we cooked earlier, at the Sketchley, one wonder why we


It does you good to get out and about , so they say.
We use these places as a base from which to explore places

we cannot reach in a day.

But whether it is necessary to do more than book a bed at a Travelodge,

take the cool box with cornflakes and long life milk trying to avoid taking the

kitchen sink is a moot point. 

It is the evening meal takeaway we worry about most. 
Finding a Chinese, Indian or F& C place is not our cup of tea. 
At home by 11am after a detour to Asda for provisions,

to find plant pots blown out of their mooring,

but everything else standing and a load of post

including two red cards for re-delivery.

Rene who gave me a kiss and said how much she had enjoyed the trip but was glad to be safely home made bacon & eggs for late breakfast.

One red card is for Rene’s new passport and I say this,

because we are going to the Philippines in late November again for two weeks. 

Planning is already underway for that trip.

Flights are booked and the “Condo” decided on.

As the £pound  jumped last week I sent money for presents for my brother in

laws boys. A BMX and Mountain bikes to replace the battered ones

we sent 3 years ago.

But also money for the “Condo” and my Sister in law who we expect to deliver

her first, a girl,while we are there.

That depleted the reserves at the saving station.
I have just moved short term easy access money from RCI to Marcus,

1.3 to 1.5 %.

I know its only £100 interest per year, but when interest rates rose by a modest

0.25%, RCI declined to increase their rates and Marcus did

so its punishment for that.

Switching was done via the Halifax who pay F all interest on their Current

account and are reducing their monthly bonus from a measly £3 to £2.

It is always different when you want to borrow our own money. 
Afterall it is never the banks money they gamble with, as we all discovered in

2008 when we,the public purse, bailed out the banks, only for them to tell us

now they are again paying dividends to the idol rich who play the stock market.

So unpacking and the washing machine first, followed by organising supper. 
Cured roast ham, home grown carrots cabbage and potatoes,

followed by apple and blackberry pie – those we froze earlier. 

Then to the greenhouse cum Covered Couryard to replant outside under netting

cabbage and cauliflower plants struggling to find the light from a warm bed and

in doing so needed to be hardened off in raised beds vacated

by other harvested crops.

Because of the warm weather the bulbs are showing through the soil, at the top,

in the 13cm  pots and the roots at the bottom. 

I am not worried too much about that though.
What I need to worry about is filling the brown bin.
We have only three more collections before garden waste collection stops

until spring.

The Council take no interest in growing conditions.
The last of the petunia pots are being broken down. 
Used compost to the raised beds and dead follage to the bin.
All the perennials we bought are doing well inside

and need to harden off before the frost,

and I have 340 plug plants at discounted £25 about to arrive at 7p each 

Two shades of pansies.

Hardy Pansies will grow on and be turned out to give a winter wonderland as

they are one plant that can survive the winter. 

Hey.. thats all folks.

PS Not Sketchley again – I give it 4/10 for food and need to move rooms


Ye Olde Red Lion- CV13 0LL
The Odd House DE12 7DQ
Jury Inn LE10 3JA
Premier Inn LE10 0NB






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