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Sex – Chinese Supreme Court have decided women marry for money, not love

Love or Money?

By Sarah Fletcher on 24 Aug 2011 alt

Do women marry for love or money, and are they right to do so?

The Chinese Supreme Court has decided that women have rejected the sentimental notion that they should

marry for love, instead opting for rich men, however repulsive they may be.

Arguing that a third of marriages end in divorce because young women are choosing wealth over love, the Court

has decided to ‘educate’ these women by changing the law so that whoever buys the family home will keep it

after a divorce.

It doesn’t look like this move has magically sent women in pursuit of true love, though. A female contestant on

China’s most popular dating show said she would ‘without hesitation’ choose a luxury house over a loving

boyfriend who makes her happy.

Is this the natural result of a culture that increasingly values materialism as it becomes a big player in world


Marriage was initially invented as a commercial arrangement; have we all just seen too many Disney films that

tell us that true love is the goal? Many areas of the media encourage young women to admire footballers’ wives:

isn’t this an example of females being praised for marrying rich men?

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