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GPC passes vote of no confidence in Capita after ‘months of failures’

The GPC (General Practioners Committee) has passed a motion of no confidence in Capita for its primary care support services following a series of failures, which it claims are putting patients at risk. 


21 July 2016 By


The committee passed the motion at its meeting today, referencing ’months of concerns’ around ’failures in patient record transfer, delivery of supplies and payment problems’.


It also called for the abandoning of plans to remove patients from practice lists if they haven’t used GP services in five years, which was exclusively highlighted by Pulse.


Pulse has reported extensively on the problems faced by practices since Capita started implementing its new schemes from April.


Dr Chaand Nagpaul, GPC chair, said: ‘The GPC has passed a vote of no confidence in Capita.


We believe that the commissioned service they provide for primary care support in England is putting patients at risk and has caused serious disruption for general practice.


’The plans for removing patients from practice lists should be abandoned.


Every person in the UK has a fundamental right to be registered with a local GP practice at all times.


We are calling on NHS England to meet with GPC England to discuss these plans before any further action is taken.’


The problems with primary care support services

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NHS England opted to save £40 million a year from its support services budget and tendered for a single national provider for Primary Care Support England (PCSE).


The winner, Capita, has centralised support services to three national hubs and implemented a single online ‘portal’ for practices to order supplies and ‘track’ the movement of patient records.


Pulse has documented issues, from FP10 shortages, to patient notes turning up in a carpark, that have spiked since April’s overhaul and GP leaders have been urging practices to report every issue to NHS England.


GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul wrote to NHS England demanding practices be compensated for the ‘systematic failure’ of PCSE, and indemnified against any claims as a result of support service issues.


The timetable by Primary Care Support England – the arm of Capita that manages the services – shows that new services for payments, screenings and performers list will be implemented from April 2017.

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