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Rotten Britain – Full Of Alcoholics Drowning Their Sorrows ?

Drinking a glass of wine is the same as downing three shots of vodka

Duncan Selbie, the head of Public Health England, says that people do not know   how much they are drinking and warns alcohol is a ‘silent killer’

 Enjoying a glass of wine after work does the same harm as drinking three shots   of vodka, the head of Public Health England has warned as he said alcohol   was becoming the “silent killer” of working age Britons. 

10:00PM GMT 01 Dec 2014

The research crunched the data from 36,271 transactions for five red Bordeaux wines 

Duncan Selbie said that said that deaths from working age people have   increased by 500 per cent since the 1970s because many people “pour a   glass and have no idea how much they are drinking”. 

MPs say that people are safer enjoying an alcoholic drink in their local pub   as measures are controlled rather than buying large quantities of wine at “rock   bottom prices” in supermarkets and drinking in “non-sociable   atmosphere away from people’s communities”. 

They also warn that it the at home drinking is problematic among the middle   classes who pour themselves a glass of wine at the end of the day. 

Writing in his weekly briefing to staff Mr Selbie said Liver disease is now   the third biggest killer of working age adults: “And it is a silent killer,   with 75 per cent of people with cirrhosis only being diagnosed once they are   admitted to hospital.”

He added that the illness is “largely preventable” but that one of the biggest   risk factor, alcohol, was difficult to control. He wrote: “For example, a   large glass of wine is like three shots of vodka, so it is very easy for   people to pour a glass and have no idea how much they are drinking.”

He added that the illness is “largely preventable” but that one of   the biggest risk factor, alcohol, was difficult to control. He wrote: “For   example, a large glass of wine is like three shots of vodka, so it is very   easy for people to pour a glass and have no idea how much they are drinking.”

last week the Lancet commission recommended that Liver scans should be offered   by GPs as it said middle-class drinking is turning Britain into the capital   of Europe for alcohol-related disease. 

Senior doctors have said too many people were treating alcohol dependence as    “a lifestyle choice, like Armani jeans” and that Britain is now the only   country apart from Finland in western Europe in which prevalence of liver   disease is increasing. 

Greg Mulholland, the Liberal Democrat MP and chair of the all Parliamentary   Save the Pub Group, said that if people enjoyed a drink in the “social   atmosphere” of the pub rather than behind closed doors it was easier to   keep track of their drinking. 

He said: “The evidence clearly shows that where measures are controlled   and where there is a landlord who has a legal responsibility not to serve   people who have not had too much to drink, that clearly is a much better   place for people to enjoy a alcohol in that context. 

“What the Government need to do now is stop so many pubs being turned   into supermarkets where ironically alcohol so then sold at rock bottom   prices in a unsupervised way and is then drunk in a non-sociable atmosphere   away from people’s communities.””

Tracey Crouch, the former chair of the alcohol misuse group, and Conservative   MP: “The middle class professional is coming home of an evening and   pouring themselves a glass of wine with dinner and then possibly another   after that without realising that over the course of a week it can tot what   is medically advised. 

“I’m really please that Public Health England has raised this, because   raising awareness of this is not about telling people they cannot drink it   is about getting people to understand the drinking habits they have, and it   does become a habit, it become a habitual part of your evening rather than   some sort of special occasion when people enjoy a glass of wine. 

“People will see it is a very different thing pouring a glass of wine to   pouring a three measure vodka but this is why it important to have calorific   content on the labels – you wouldn’t pour three shots of vodka but you also   wouldn’t sit down and eat six donuts – but you tend to pour yourself a large   measure of wine not a small glass. 

“If you look at liver disease maps there is a perception that it is all   going to be deprived areas but actually you see a significant increase in   the number of people who are more affluent who are getting liver disease.”

Baroness Hayter, the Labour peer, said: “Wine is stronger, and the   ordinary wines you buy, we just don’t look at how strong it is – we assume   all wine is the same per cent and it isn’t it can vary enormously… glasses   are getting bigger is actually quite serious, it sounds silly but it means   you can suddenly be drinking two units instead of one.”

Fiona Bruce, the Labour MP, said: “This is an issue we need to take much   more seriously, and revise our view of the binge drinker as a teenager out   late at night. 

“Increasingly too high levels of alcohol consumption are occurring in the   home by older age groups and we all have a responsibility to challenge and   help address this.”

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