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Rebecca Long-Bailey ‘overwhelmingly’ supported by Corbyn pal Len McCluskey and Unite union

REBECCA Long-Bailey is being backed by Unite the Union as the next Labour Party leader.

PUBLISHED: 17:28, Fri, Jan 24, 2020 | UPDATED: 18:02, Fri, Jan 24, 2020

Labour leadership: Long-Bailey says she has no Tory friends





Unite the Union general secretary Len McCluskey announced it was endorsing Ms Long-Bailey this afternoon. Mr McCluskey said: “Unite’s executive council has voted overwhelmingly to back Rebecca Long-Bailey to become the next leader of the Labour party, and Richard Burgon to become the deputy leader. “This has been a day of vibrant discussion by the chief decision-making body in the union, the Labour party’s biggest affiliate, about where next for the party.

“The conclusion of this thorough debate was that Rebecca Long-Bailey is the candidate best-placed to take the fight to the Tory party on behalf of Unite members and their communities looking for a leader who is one hundred per cent on their side.

“Above all, Becky has the brains and the brilliance to beat Boris Johnson. She is standing for unity, socialism and the determination to make Johnson’s term in office short-lived.

“Unite is also confident that Richard will make a superb deputy to Becky, displaying the qualities that have long been absent from that post – pride in our values, a passion for our party to succeed and, above all, loyalty to their leader.


“On behalf of Unite, I want to thank all the candidates for their time and contributions today. They are a credit to our party and a reminder of the breadth and depth of talent Labour possesses.”

Rebecca Long-Bailey is being backed by Unite the Union

Rebecca Long-Bailey is being backed by Unite the Union (Image: GETTY)

The four candidates are competing to replace outgoing Jeremy Corbyn following his disasterous general election result last month. The next leader will be announced on April 4, with Ms Long-Bailey set to secure her place on the final ballot now she has won union backing. 

Ms Long-Bailey, a frontrunner in the race to replace Jeremy Corbyn, needs the backing of one more Labour affiliate to secure a place on the ballot paper.

She was endorsed by the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union last week.

Keir Starmer and Lisa Nandy are already through to the final phase.

And Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry looks set to need the support of 33 constituency Labour parties in order to make the ballot.

She insisted she will get onto the ballot, saying “it will be up to the members in the end”.

The only other route on to the ballot is by receiving nominations from at least 5 percent of constituency Labour parties (CLPs).

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