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Pattaya – Be Forewarned

Pattaya Yellow and Blue Taxi


There has been a clamp down on charging !

They have no meter and have been asking the earth


But the starting point for a fare is 35 Baht, same as for Bangkok taxi


Tell the Driver you want 5kms on the clock =  5kms is 55baht,10kms is 101 baht


The rates are printed inside the cab behind the drivers seat with his ID and Cab No.


Agree the price before you get in – 5kms for 55 bht ? OK


If you need more just read it off the cab kilometre counter.


I tell you this because the Songthaew, convenient for some at 10bht a trip but

they have always been a law unto themselves by going off route at a whim or if they have few passengers.


This leaves you stranded. So always ask where the Songthaew is going if you want to be sure.


If you want further information about getting to & from Pattaya from Bangkok or the Swampy Airport, Accomodation Charges, Best & safest places to eat &b best bars for beer and Footie TV just get in touch.

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