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Patients Deserve Better from Medical Practices.

“Cough’s,Colds & Sticking Plaster Practice- Take These Pills”
The Radical
27th June 2017
…is no longer  good enough for today’s patients, who attend GP appointments.
Patients are not guinea pigs any more, but knowledgable and articulate.
And though they are on the Medical Staff’s side, 
it will be reassuring to know the Medical staff are on the Patients side too.
The saying that “a little medical knowledge can do more harm than good”
 also applies to the Doctor.
So when I saw on the Medical Practice notice board
 only a list of Doctors currently employed,I reported it to the CQC .
I want to be able to choose whom I see, based on their expertise.
Just as I would when deciding on which Hospital Consultant,
 I wanted to be referred to.
It is a Patients choice if you didn’t know.
The CQC -Care Quality Commission  have already stated
 our Practice service is “Indaequate”and “Requires Improvement”
It is not only that one has to wait online ( Phoneline) for up to 10 minutes to learn 
there are no appointments, but a triage system operates where,
 if you wait long enough someone will phone you and decide
if an early appointment is warranted.
The, We Know Best Attitude ?
Usually a Practioner Nurse not a Doctor.
So I pointed out to the CQC, that not only the Doctors name should be available,
but their qualifications, the dates when they trained and their specialisms,
if they had one should be made known to clients.
This applies also to Practioner Nurses and the Senior Nursing Staff.
Serving a short apprenticeship during medical training is inadequate 
and insufficient for todays modern medicine and for some it is very short or non existent.
GP’s Can’t know everything ?
But Patients deserve better. 
Practice Noticeboards are there to give useful and helpful information.
Patients should also be informed whether the Medical staff 
are full or part time and their hours of work for the sake of treatment continuity
And while I am on the subject – abbreviations are also an abhorence 
when communications are for the public 
and not only within the health service staff boundaries.
Our Practice has had several changes in medical staff recently, 
and no wonder with the attitude of Health Trust management 
and the Health Ministries toward staffing and public service.

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