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Over the Sea to the Skye not the EU

RMT: Quit EU to save public CalMac ferries


TRANSPORT union RMT called for a Leave vote in the forthcoming EU referendum yesterday, to save Caledonian ferry services from privatisation.


Monday 18th

posted by Morning Star in Britain


RMT general secretary Mick Cash is due to formally announce the call today at a meeting at the Scottish TUC, which is beginning its annual congress.


Clyde and Hebrides Ferry services, which are currently operated in the public sector by Caledonian MacBrayne, are being put out to tender under EU regulations with Serco bidding to take over the service.


Mr Cash said: “If the Scottish government won’t stand up for Scotland then the people should stand up to the EU and vote to leave what is now no more than a corporate cabal run for the benefit of corporations like Serco.


“These companies are intent on fleecing Scotland’s ferries regardless of the consequences for the communities who rely on them.


“People should be in on doubt that if Scottish ferries end up being privatised the Scottish government will have pulled the trigger and the EU will have provided the gun.”


The Radical notes that it cost £45.20p day return from Ardrossan – Brodick in the Autumn 2015 and that includes a medium car and two passengers. It would not stay that price if privatised and the Islanders as well as the Tourists would suffer.
I have been travelling Caledonian MacBrayne since the 1950’s and would miss the morning porridge on the first crossing of the day, but not the sea swell.

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