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There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Where Our Power to Execute Our Natural Rights is Perfect, Government has No Legitimate Jurisdiction
When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
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simon henig


simon henig


Theft and Daylight Robbery


Sun, 24 May at 11:23
It is stealing to pay £250,000 /pa to the Cabinet when it has not met for ? 3 month
Or Councillors their expenses during lockdown 
And then rob residents of Council Tax ? £500 pa more than the average 
While accepting £1.6 million from the Government to keep your employees at work on full pay while in fact “contracting” services right left and centre.
What evidence is there to show you took the interests of residents more seriously than repeating Government guidelines when your staff could have been diverted to ensuring “Shops” allowed to open were not profiteering or flouting the safe practice.
“Essential” items only – While shops paying rates are closed, Supermarkets have been allowed to flog TV’s to Compost 
The Opposite of Essential is “Optional” and Supermarkets have been cheating the local closed shops providing an “optional” service
I can tell you I observed from the security of my car that lax practice was being tolerated by Supermarkets in Bishop Auckland.
No temperature checks by Council public health staff, in fact no information about the number of confirmed cases or deaths in the Community until PHE were “exposed” for the lies they were telling the world until ONS came to transparency claims, yet Durham CC colluded with the national authorities.
In the whole of the Durham Death Trap there is not one Isolation Infectious Disease bed or Unit and you claim in all your time on such a huge salary that you have the interests of the residents health at heart ?
Lets look again at your interest in residents wellbeing – Take Shildon Cleveland Avenue area bungalow estate built in ?1962.
Not one park bench or table – this is not a community but a series of social isolation units. Not one Council information board. Your main contribution are the potholes as you drive in
Many of these bungalows are bought by pensioners who receive few Council benefits so why not give them a Lockdown break by reducing their Council Tax as their home expenses have increased.
Frankly “you” should be in the “dock” for foul play – Theft and Daylight Robbery from the residents and business community.
What would your defence be as a “Labourer”
This is a one man Peasants Revolt
But unlike Watt Tyler’s fate at the hands of the Rich all you want is for me to go away.
But I see your power base is being erroded and I don’t need to wonder why it may be you first 
The Radical

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