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Open Letter to Irranca-Davies MP-Labour Shadow at DEFRA

“Labour would seek to ratchet up farm standards” – Irranca-Davies MP-Shadow Minister at DEFRA (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

 Dear Huw


Farming is More than a Rural Affair


As a Shadow Minister of Food and Farming may I ask you one question ?


Have you any practical experience in either industry ?


Because the heading implies you know what you are talking about ?


And Farmers don’t suffer fools gladly


Yet I give you a quote – not mine – to the reception you have generated at the Farmers meeting you spoke at.


| 23 September 2014 1:29 pm Labour race to put farming down again more like. True to type we had fifteen years of policies designed to thwart farming and the “here we go again” scenario springs to mind. Animal rights funded policies and the rspca will hold a lot of sway on the policies that will be produced.


Let me introduce myself.

Farming since 1959 or before if you count school holidays.


Retired from producing 40,000kgs of red meat a year on a Severely Less Favoured Scottish Farm.


I return to my leader – Farming is more than a Rural Affair and  in case your Welsh experience is limited – MOST FOOD COMES FROM FARMS

So why alienate the hand that feeds you ?


Farmers have needed Government support more than ever for an industry starved of it by Governments since 1950.


Yes the 45 Labour Government recognised we needed to produce more food and so we need to today, if only to reduce the ever growing balance of import deficit for food and drink.


And let me even more succinct .


In order to have a market you need buyers and sellers.


So why not start by finding out how farmers subsidy ends up in the pockets of the supermarkets, why livestock markets have disappeared and why farmers are forced to sell stock to whoever when it is at its prime whatever the price.


You do understand ? If a shop doesn’t sell a tin of baked beans this week, it doesn’t go off -they can sell it next week  but farmers must sell livestock in a very narrow window of time.


Who in their right mind would start a production system not knowing the end price and have to compete with Government and the Weather.


And let me be even more frank.


Labour need a Minister of Food and if I need to tell YOU why, then I should be in your job and you should be retired.


Producing food is a risky business but visit the supermarket and see the wool pulled over the customers eyes.- Starting with the Salt and Sugar story,the incredients racket and the price protection racket.


I attended the Beef Industry Agricultural Select Committee, gave evidence to the BSE and Foot & Mouth Inquiry and I suggest you now re- think your relationship with the Food Producers.


So you can understand you are only getting the flavour.


There are only three ways of getting into farming ?

You tell me !


Yes, Farmers do cut corners but only to make a living because everyone wants cheap food but they don’t condone that.


No Farmers dont poison food, the shock of heat in cooking does that


Yes we have TB in wildlife and human wildlife


Yes farmers have been retiring in droves and others dog and stick farming


Yes the Council Tenant Farms have mostly gone and the Youth are not getting a look in.


No early Retirement scheme for the Aged still struggling on..


No free Advisory Service without which many could not have kept it simple and successful.


No Government Agricultural Bank with low long term loans


No Planning for Development of Small holdings to re populate the Countryside


No Rural Policing to speak of.


But why am I telling you all this ?


Possibly because you want me to Vote Labour ?


No Huw – its not just that.


I just dont like to see Politicians make fools of themselves or the Farming



So I leave you with the opportunity to read this online at


www.rightsandwrongs.co.uk and invite you to reply


The Radical

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