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Only Buttler and Bess saved England Blushes

England Batting Collapse- AGAIN

But its dropped Catches that Lose Matches

The Radical
27th May 2018
Pakistan made the Lords Test Match their own as once again Opener Cook failed with the bat.


He scored an important 70 in the first innings which was cancelled out by his atrocious
catching in the slips and let the Pakistani batsmen go on to make 363 for 9 with Barbar 
retired hurt after making 68.
The England slip fielders all let their fellow bowlers down by dropping vital catches.
And it beggars believe what “right” these senior players have to be elevated to that position 
and make the bowlers and lower order field on the boundary and out field doing all the 
donkey work of running after the ball.
The whole charade of the slips makes a mockery of modern game.
Slip fielders are not there on merit but privilege and it smacks of cronyism
Cook has had his day and is only retained because the selectors are old timid timers
England need to clear out Cook Stoneman & Malan and bring in new


and aspiring batmen on merit.
Root made a galliant captain’s defence but the rest were dismal and undistinguished.

Domininc Bess was brought in as the spin bowler but excelled with the bat. 

Only Buttler and new boy Bess saved England blushes,

but whether they can survive the new ball this 

morning, both reach their centuries and Wood, Broad and Anderson contribution

with the bat beats their lukewarm performance with the ball that 

can delay the inevitable Pakistan win is doubtful on past experiences.

England have a chance to recognise this team needs new blood before the next

and final test against Pakistan at Headingley, Leeds and make Geoffrey Boycott’s

 comments less of a fantasy.

“We are better than Pakistan and should win this match” he said at the start 


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