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Queen dragged into Brexit? DELAYING Remainers risk ‘full-blown constitutional crisis’


THE Queen is at risk of being dragged into the Brexit delay amendment if MPs support the extension on Article 50.

PUBLISHED: 00:02, Sat, Mar 9, 2019 | UPDATED: 00:06, Sat, Mar 9, 2019



The Queen is at risk of being dragged into Brexit negotiations (Image: GETTY)

A leaked document has shown ministers warning MPs a Brexit delay could “politicise the monarchy” and lead to a “full-blown constitutional crisis”. The memo said the Government would “lose its ability to govern”, according to The Daily Telegraph. Support could also make a bill to change the day of the EU exit and bind the Government into a permanent customs union.

The memo follows reports of five Cabinet ministers who plan on voting against a no deal in the meaningful vote on March 12.

Philip Hammond, Amber Rudd, David Gauke, Greg Clark and Matt Hancock are expected to rebel which could cause Theresa May to offer Tory MPs a free vote, according to the paper.

MPs will be given the option to vote to delay Brexit if Mrs May’s deal is rejected and MPs do not support leaving the EU without a deal.

If the amendment is passed, the Memo states: “The Government would have no option but to advise the Queen to give Royal Assent.


Theresa May could offer MPs a free vote if her deal is rejected (Image: GETTY)

“The Government would have no control of the Chamber. It would have lost its ability to govern.

“A cross-party majority in the House would effectively have seized control of Brexit policy and would be directing legally binding outcomes.”

A legally binding Commons vote on the amendment could be called which is predicted to “lead to a Commons majority being expressed for a permanent customs union, which Government would have no choice but to then implement.”

The memo continues: “We can expect a legally binding imposition by the House on Government to ensure at the very least: Extension of Article 50, a cross-party negotiating mandate which we assume will lead to a permanent customs union and possibly a requirement to legislate for a second referendum.


The Queen could have to give royal assent to a “soft” Brexit bill (Image: GETTY)

“The monarchy categorically cannot be politicised in an attempt to thwart the majority view of the two Houses – any attempt to do so would lead to a full-blown constitutional crisis.”

There is a suggestion the Queen would have to give royal assent to a “soft” Brexit bill before March 29.

Mrs May’s first deal suffered a 230-vote defeat in the Commons on January 15, despite the Prime Minister negotiating with the EU for more than two years.

However, Number 10 is reportedly optimistic a deal can be reached by March 10.

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