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‘Defund the BBC’ campaign SAVAGES Gary Lineker in anti-licence fee billboard campaign

A NEW CAMPAIGN calling for the BBC licence fee to be scrapped is hoping to put billboards up across Britain to spread its message.

PUBLISHED: 00:09, Sat, Jul 18, 2020 | UPDATED: 07:09, Sat, Jul 18, 2020

Laura Kuenssberg clashes with Dowden over BBC licence fee


The group, Defund the BBC, argues the corporation is intrinsically politically biased and the public should only have to pay for its content if they want to. The first billboard, situated in south-east London, has already been erected.


It depicts BBC presenters Gary Lineker and Emily Maitlis along with what the group claims is their salaries and the question “Are You Still Paying?”

Defund the BBC is financing the campaign via a Go Fund Me page which has already raised more than £35,000.

It hopes to use this money to finance more billboards across other parts of the UK.


Speaking to Express.co.uk, a spokesman for Defund the BBC said: “The billboard is just the first in a series, we hope, as we appeal for funds via a Go Fund Me page.


Defund the BBC billboard in south-east London (Image: Defund the BBC )

Defund the BBC

Defund the BBC billboard pictured by a passing motorist (Image: Twitter/@Phil_PTB)

“It is pokes fun at the presenters, but also delivers a serious message, that some BBC staff are paid vast sums of cash taken from hard working Brits against their will.

“Anyone who believes the BBC is wrong to effectively impose a tax on the elderly, as they have done recently, or thinks the BBC is not representative of them or the nation should give to our campaign.”

Currently, in order to watch or record live television in the UK, you must pay for a licence which costs £157.50 per household if you have a colour TV.

This money is used to fund the BBC, the world’s oldest national broadcaster, which in return is supposed to provide informative and politically neutral content.

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Former England player Gary Lineker featured on the billboard (Image: GETTY)

People caught watching TV without a licence can be fined up to £1,000 as well as court costs, and can face prison if they fail to pay.

However Defund the BBC argues the corporation has failed to be consistently politically neutral.

Its spokesman said: “As many Express readers will know, the BBC has long been perceived as biased and anti-Brexit and it is wrong that they threaten Brits with jail for not funding them.

“The BBC sho

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