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Corbyn ‘would only hold Irish unity vote in line with Good Friday agreement terms’


JEREMY CORBYN insisted today that he would only trigger an Irish border poll in line with the terms of the Good Friday Agreement if he became PM.


Mr Corbyn, who has supported the idea of a united Ireland, was pressed on whether he would advocate or call for a referendum on Irish unity on his first visit to Northern Ireland as Labour leader.


He fielded questions from students at Queen’s University in Belfast a day after his official spokesman said Mr Corbyn believed there was majority support for unification in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


A border poll, which would see separate votes north and south, can only be called if the British government believes a majority within Northern Ireland is in favour of unity.


Mr Corbyn also urged Stormont leaders and the British and Irish governments to renew efforts to restore power sharing at the crisis-hit institution in Belfast.


He called on Prime Minister Theresa May to reconvene the British Irish Intergovernmental Conference — a body that offers the Irish a consultative role in non-devolved matters concerning Northern Ireland.


Giving a lecture at Queen’s to mark 20 years since the signing of the historic Good Friday peace agreement, Mr Corbyn said: “As we stand here today in celebration of 20 years of peace, we must also recognise we are standing at a potential crossroads.


“It is right we celebrate the achievements, not least as it is those achievements we must use as a springboard for the 20 years to come.


“We must neither be complacent, nor reckless.


So I want to send this message to the people of this island – Labour is as committed to the Good Friday Agreement as we have ever been.


“It has served us well for 20 years and, with commitment and determination, will provide us with the framework for the next 20.”

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