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No More the Water Boy ?

China-funded Callawa water pumping project breaks ground in the Philippines

(People’s Daily)    16:17, May 11, 2018

Bangkok (People’s Daily) – The groundbreaking ceremony of the Callawa water pumping project funded by China was held Thursday in Davao City in the Philippines.

(Photos: Embassy of China to the Philippines)

The project consists of a deep-water pumping well, water tower, power engine room and related equipment, and a drinking water pipe network to homes.

The project is expected to be completed in six months.

The project will greatly ease the scarcity of drinking water in mountainous areas, and around 3,000 homes will benefit.

The water pumping station is an example of practical cooperation between China and the Philippines as Chinese President Xi Jingping and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte met and reiterated their commitment to further carry forward China-Philippines relations at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference in April.

“This water pumping station in Callawa helps achieve balanced and sustainable growth in the region.

The practical cooperation between our two countries will bear more fruits and bring more benefits to our peoples”, said Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jiahua.

Davao city mayor Sara Duterte expressed her gratitude to the Chinese Embassy.

She said China is offering more assistance to Davao’s infrastructure development, livelihood improvement, environment management and urban-rural balanced growth.

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