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NHS – ON Strike ?

BREAKING: Cameron to blame as GMB members in NHS ballot for strike action over pay

by  1st September 2014, 15.04 BST

NHS logoGMB is to ballot its 22,500 NHS members in England and Northern Ireland for strike action over pay.


The GMB union joins the SoR, ( Society of Radiographers) UNISON and Unite in


balloting after the government ignored  the independent NHS Pay Review Body


recommendation to award a 1% pay rise to all NHS staff. GMB members in Wales


may be balloted later, while members in Scotland are not covered by this ballot.


GMB national officer Rehana Azam said: “The Prime Minister is to blame for this


dispute with NHS workers. The Prime Minister is refusing to honour the


independent pay review body’s recommendations for a pay rise for all staff.


Instead his government is imposing divisive and unacceptable proposals in breach


of our long standing agreements.


“Pay in the NHS has not kept in line with inflation and living standards are down


by over 10% since the Prime Minister came to power. GMB NHS members want an


end to cuts in their living standards and are prepared to vote to take action to get


a decent pay rise.”

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