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Top tips for moving home


You’ve exchanged contracts, picked up the keys and you’re finally ready to move into your new home. But between packing, unpacking and removal vans it can all become very stressful. Here are some simple tips and ideas to help take the strain out of moving.


Pack like a pro


It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate and getting it all packed for a move can be overwhelming.

Start by working out where in your new house you’ll need each item and place them into boxes marked for each room.

This will help you get organised and tell your removal men exactly where everything needs to go on the day.

It’s also a great time to have a clear out – if you can’t imagine where something will go in your new home, perhaps you don’t need after all!


Wrap up breakables

Try to make use of all packing materials available.

Along with old newspapers and magazines, tea towels and dishcloths can be used to protect glassware and crockery.

And clothes, linens and towels make a great alternative to bubble wrap for items like pictures and ornaments. Meanwhile laundry baskets, rucksacks and hat boxes can all be put to good use.

You can even place heavier objects such as books into wheeled suitcases to make them easier to manoeuvre.

We recommended packing boxes of essentials that you can easily access on move day – it’ll save you time rummaging through boxes to find your kettle and mugs to make a cup of tea, or your toothbrushes and pyjamas at bedtime.


Managing mishaps

With lots of people walking in and out carrying heavy boxes and moving furniture it’s easy for accidents and damage to occur.

To avoid any nasty scratches try laying cardboard on the floor. It’s especially effective when placed in front of large appliances as they can be slid onto it to avoid damaging flooring as they’re moved into place.

If any wood furniture gets scratched did you know you can rub it with a walnut?

The natural oils from these nutritious nuts seep in and can help mask minor damage.

Simply give it a rub then polish with a soft cloth.

It’s a good idea to check your home insurance policy to make sure you’re covered moving your belongings from one property to another.

You can also check with your removal company to see if they offer removal and storage insurance as part of their home move service.


Make time to clean


If time allows try to give your new home a clean before the removal van arrives with all your belongings.

Without furniture in the way, it’s a perfect opportunity to get to normally hard to reach areas and to tackle kitchen cupboards.


Remember to pack your cleaning products in a separate box to take with you.


Make a list


Using a checklist will help you keep track of everything and help your move go smoothly.

We’ve put together a handy home move guide to take you through from 6 weeks before to moving day.

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