Civilisation has operated in two ways - To make one part of society more affluent and the other more wretched than would have been the lot of either in a natural state
There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Where Our Power to Execute Our Natural Rights is Perfect, Government has No Legitimate Jurisdiction
When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
Politics is not a Dirty Word. It is a Way of Life. How is Your Way of Life Today ?


Sparks Galore

Couple Fed Up Of Big 6 Raise £300k For Own Energy Firm FEB2017 Wednesday 22ND posted by Morning Star in Britain by Felicity Collier A COUPLE from Scotland are well on their way

The BOE Money Go Round

On The Money FEB2017 Monday 6TH posted by Morning Star in Arts ROB WELLS recommends Ann Pettifor’s insightful deconstruction of how the financial system works for the elite — and how that could

Overseas Trade Statistics

Theme: Business & Energy   In November 2016 the value of exports (EU and Non-EU) increased to £29.3 billion, and imports (EU and Non-EU) increased to £42.5 billion, compared with last

Britain’s Balance Of Trade Deficit

  Non-EU Exports for November 2016 were £15.2 billion. This was an increase of £1.0 billion (6.8 per cent) on last month, and an increase of £1.7 billion (12 per


Transparency International The amount of money laundered through the UK each year is estimated to be £48 billion (2% of UK GDP). Source: Paper Trail Money Laundering Bulletin, 01/06/11 27% of people contacted thought that

Shop “lifting” at Asda – UPDATED

  I went to Asda at Hykekam, Lincoln this morning…    The Radical – 23rd Jan.2017   ….. and bought a 50p Lettuce   I “lifted” it out of the

Predictions for 2017

  Trumps US Banks will call in the British loan !-   The Radical- 31st Dec.2016   We did borrow in dollars or at least the Banks did from US

Labour Demands Cap On Hospital Car Park Charges

  You read this in Rightsandwrongs on 24th Dec 2016 …    The Radical – 29th Dec.2016-   …..”Money,the Easy Life,Corbyn’s Labour & the Left”- Local Issues matter -Keep it

Economic Stagflation to Continue

BoE forecasts milder increase for inflation as interest rates left on hold Sky News 15/12/16   BoE forecasts milder increase for inflation as interest rates left on hold   The

Action-Mrs Queen

To: The Chancellor Make Royals Pay for Palace Renovation MJ Campaign created by Mark Johnson   Buckingham Palace is about to be given a £369m refurbishment.   Tax payers are


Your current supplier must inform you… -The Radical – 11th Nov 2016 – …. at least 49 days and certainly 42 days before your contract ends. Watch out suppliers Bank

Free Cash for Supermarkets who make mistakes

99% of Supermarket customers, -The Radical – 24th Oct.2016- do not check their receipts Errors are more common than you think   and never in your favour Aldi and Asda

Data Fraud and Scams

Follow these simple steps to help stay safe.   1.     Change your passwords and security questions regularly. Use a strong password with a mix of upper and lower case

The Real Bank Robbers

Basically, banks are just organised crime   Steven Walker charts a crime wave of extraordinary proportions that gets little or no attention   IT COMES to something when the governor

The Route of All Evil

Corruption Statistics Due to its nature the scale of corruption is impossible to measure with complete accuracy.   However, there are informed estimates, some of which are quoted in this

Halifax or Bank of Scotland on Trial

HBOS banking group on long-awaited trial for £35 million scam   HBOS plc is a banking and insurance company in the United Kingdom, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lloyds

Sparks Flying

Energy customer switches rise by 30%, as millions of customers change supplier in 2016     New figures from Ofgem reveal a huge surge in customers switching energy suppliers to get

Give Unto Citizens That Which Belongs To Them

Nationalisation WITHOUT compensation – Corbyn Leadership campaign team pledges to take back flogged-off state assets   ( without compensation AND with damages costs built in )   Aug 2015 Monday

Screw the People

Osborne was at it again earlier this week,-   Editorial, Morning Star, 6th July 2016   – telling the Financial Times of his plan to cut corporation tax to below

Death with Divi

Tackling funeral poverty     AN INITIATIVE to curb “funeral poverty” by Quaker Social Action charity has been bolstered by the sign-up of the Co-op’s funeral service.   Jul 2016

Food essentials are more expensive at Asda

Fact 1Asda North Hykeham  or American Walmart loses another customer to Aldi/ Lidl all because it cannot give away, or sell for charity as the Coop do, the black pots

“Bird” for Weasels Spivs and Speculators

 Insider trading is the trading of a public company’s stock or other securities (such as bonds or stock options) by individuals with access to nonpublic information about the company  

Frozen Pensions

A First for the NHS Pensioner ? “NHS Pension Scheme 2016 update The increase is based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) As this was in Minus at 30 Sept

“Profit Shifting by Kleptocrats”

US corporations have $1.4tn hidden in tax havens, claims Oxfam report Charity analysis of the 50 biggest US businesses claims Apple have $181bn held offshore, while General Electric has $119bn

How the Fat Cats Stay Fat

UK PM avoided inheritance duties, tax records show Sun Apr 10, 2016       British Prime Minister David Cameron is under fire for avoiding inheritance tax after his mother gave